8Nov, 2023
Mah La Gao (Steamed Cake) 马拉糕

An easy and straightforward recipe that yields a very good result that I had it made twice in a row over 2 weekends for breakfast ! Just combine everything and steam !

The honeycomb texture is soft and fluffy and the brown sugar gives it all the extra fragrance in every bit of this steamed cake. I haven’t been a huge fan of steamed cake all the while as it tends to be too dense for my liking but this one is surprisingly tender and moist whilst keeping its fluffiness.

What’s more, it can be kept in an airtight container which can be easily steamed up again the following days or even the next couple of days and equally enjoy the same level of a soft steamed cake. And yes, just as I am compiling this recipe here, I am craving for it once again.

8Nov, 2023
Stir Fry Leeks with Scrambled Eggs & Roast Pork 蒜香煎蛋炒烧肉

One of the must have vegetables during the Lunar New Year will be leeks ! As the Chinese name of leeks implies prosperity, so most Chinese families will certainly stock up some leeks during the CNY without fail. Even if the price tends to be more expensive during the festive, you can do without most others but never for leeks vegetables. And the way most old folks love it will be to cook them with some roast pork. I added a little twist and colors to the dish today by incorporating some scrambled eggs as well to make it into a wholesome one-plater which you can easily enjoy with some plain white rice or congee. Simple as it may seem, but very fragrant and satisfying as a dish on itself.

Leeks need to be sliced diagonally to bring out its aroma and usually the white parts are the more tasty ones to enjoy. Hope you love leeks too and be sure to have more of it during this festive season !

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8Nov, 2023
Golden Cereal Balls with Red Bean Filling

Golden Cereal Balls with Red Bean Filling – Eat What Tonight

I was challenged to create a new recipe using Nestum cereal that is totally different from our usual cereal prawns or cereal chicken and it has to be easy to prepare and taste delicious. So I got this inspiration and came up with this Golden Cereal Balls with Red Bean Filling that actually resembles our Peanut Mochi balls and instead of coating them with crushed peanuts, cereals are used and Japanese red bean paste as the filling.

It is pretty simple to prepare since I am using an instant red bean paste as the filling and the texture is a chewy and soft mochi-alike cereal balls that come off with a little crunch after the cereals are being fried. You can also save up the extra and reheat them slightly in the oven the following day to consume which I actually thought it taste better.

8Nov, 2023
Buddha’s Delight (Luo Han Zhai 罗汉斋)

I have always been very inspired by people who manage to go vegan or vegetarian as I find that it really takes a lot of determination and discipline to make that work. Not only does that makes sustainable living more attainable, it also means that we do not really need all the fancy and expensive food to keep us sane. Living minimally and sustainably have been my recent years goals, but I have to admit I have not been disciplined enough in this aspect to pull through it on a long term basis. Nevertheless, I have been taking baby steps here and there and declaring some vegetarian days (for non-religious purposes) monthly to prep up some meatless dishes to take this inspiration a step forward.

With that, the Buddha’s Delight dish fits the theme ideally. As the name implies, it’s a vegetarian dish that arises from the religion but regardless of the background, I feel that this is still a wholesome and healthy vegetable dish that can be simply enjoyed by everyone. In fact, I even eat this all by itself without having any other side dishes !

8Nov, 2023
Creamy Potato Soup with Croutons

Creamy Potato Soup with Croutons – Eat What Tonight

Bought a sack of potatoes recently and decide to cook up this creamy potato soup which is very satisfying. It’s a twist from the usual mushroom soup I had and it’s delicious ! Had it served with some freshly toasted croutons and it made up a complete and filling meal already.

The texture of this soup is rich and wholesome and I added evaporated milk at the end to make it even more creamy and tantalizing. This recipe calls for the use of leek as well which is just in time since I have some leftover for it from the CNY. The soup flavors come from a blend of some common and ordinary vegetables such as onions, carrots, leek and potatoes but taste pretty extraordinary after blending them all together. Hope you will enjoy this soup as much as I do too.

Do check out here for homemade croutons recipe too !

8Nov, 2023
Caramel Popcorn with Cashew Nuts

Caramel Popcorn with Cashew Nuts – Eat What Tonight

And I am still munching on this delicious popcorn as I am penning this post ! I bought this 900g pack of pop-corn kennels from Cold Storage at $5.60 and this is the 2nd time I am making it in one weekend because they are finished up in a jiffy ! It’s that perfect ideal snack for any movie or Netflix time and I am glad I made my own popcorn finally because they are just so easy and cheap as compared to getting the ones off the shelves. The only setback is ~ I probably still have to spend money buying popcorn at the movie theatres because homemade ones are not allowed.

This small serving of corn literally yields a deep 24-cm wok full of popcorn which you can imagine if I were to use up the entire pack of corn kennels, the amount of popcorn I would have made can easily feed more than 10 mouths ! So yes, it’s really that economical to make your popcorn at home !

8Nov, 2023
Mushroom & Spinach Sour Cream Pasta

I always thought that cooking cream is usually the way to whip up a good pasta but somehow after trying out this recipe, I am convinced that sour cream can also be a good alternative to achieve a tasty and flavourful pasta.

And if given a choice for pasta, I will always choose the one that comes with bacon as it releases a good aroma to the oil and enhance the pasta taste greatly. The crunchy bacon bits after frying is what I so-love about eating pasta with it as well. Other than bacon, I love a good blend of mushroom and spinach as they tend to bring out the colours and nutrients of the dish naturally.

It’s not easy to score a good pasta recipe and here’s one to begin with !

8Nov, 2023
Seafood Longevity Noodles 海鲜长寿面 – Eat What Tonight

Seafood Longevity Noodles 海鲜长寿面 – Eat What Tonight

Ways to use up some of the shrimps and scallops from CNY is to utilize them all in a quick and easy noodles stir-fry ! This is definitely one of my noodles to go of which I can had two, three or even more helpings of it within a day and still will not get tired of it.

The Yee Fu Noodles used in this recipe which boosts a soft slurpy texture is savoury and flavorful which I generally preferred over the traditional yellow noodles. It is also commonly used in clay pot noodles and fish soups dishes. The reason why we called it longevity noodles is because Chinese tend to cook or order this dish often during the festive or celebration periods as the long strands of noodles symbolizes longevity.

This can also be made into a vegetarian option with the elimination of seafood and use of vegetarian mushroom sauce instead of oyster sauce.

8Nov, 2023
Potato & Onion Rosti 马铃薯洋葱煎饼

Potato & Onion Rosti 马铃薯洋葱煎饼 – Eat What Tonight

Only 5 ingredients (excluding the cooking oil) needed to make this absolutely delicious Rosti ! Crispy and fragrant on the outside with tender potato shreds within. The gist of this rosti is to shred the potato till thin fine shreds which I’ve done it with the help of a food processor and ensure that most of the water is squeezed out from the potatoes. Then ensure that the oil is hot enough before dipping in each potato rosti. I made mini ones so that it’s easier to get it to crispiness faster and once the Rosti are sitting in the oil, do not move them till they are browned on the sides.

Adding some thinly sliced onions help to bring out the flavors and can enhance the crispiness too. Think of it as our fried shallots which is fragrant and crispy after frying hence the same can be applied when making these Rosti. Just that we are not using shallots in this case as the potatoes will take longer to be fried till browned due to the moisture content and the shallots will get burnt by then. So sliced onions is a good alternative in this case.

I find this recipe is much simpler and easier to follow through and yield pretty good Rosti results so hope it’s beneficial for anyone who wanna try this out too.