9Nov, 2023
Yang Zhou Fried Rice 扬州炒饭

Honestly speaking, I think it’s quite rare to find any fried rice that’s not nice. Fried rice by itself is quite tasty and just by altering the different ingredients that go into it, we give them different names.

So this Yang Zhou Fried Rice is a typical fried rice with a little more added ingredients, such as meat and in this case Char Siew or if you prefer can add some shrimps too, mixed vegetables (the frozen kind) and scrambled eggs. The addition of char siew meat with the fried rice and eggs itself makes a really good combination and with this alone, I can easily clear a huge plate of fried rice all by myself.

In Chinese restaurants or food stalls, this dish is a common and popular dish by itself. Even vegetarian food stalls tend to carry this dish as well using mock char siew which can be really good too. Whilst my recipe probably doesn’t carry that much wok-hei (the flavourful char-ness from the hot fire wok in commercial settings), it is still tasty by itself especially when you can add any and more of whatever ingredients you like in your own fried rice.

9Nov, 2023
Golden Egg Tofu with Minced, Carrots and Mushrooms

This is an excellent dish to go along with rice ! As the name implies, it comprises of almost everything that you need in a one-plate meal so you literally don’t need anymore other dishes for the meal. The most tedious part is the pan-frying of tofu as tofu has a high water content, hence they tend to have oil splatters whenever frying. It is highly recommended to use egg tofu in tube form as they have lesser water content and to pat them dry with some paper towels before pan-frying.

On my records, there are quite a fair bit of backlog to share and I really hope to make use of this platform to pen down everything as quickly as I can so there will be frequent updates on the blog now. Personally I also use this blog to keep my diary of recipes and do a search whenever I have a craving for some food and see if I ever had the recipe recorded before. Most of the time I would remember what kind of food I’ve cooked before but I don’t remember the exact ingredients, so this blog has been really helpful to me as well. And since it’s a public platform, I also hope my sharing here can be beneficial to some of you out there.

Now that the world is gradually opening up, it’s also time to check out my bucket list which has been pending for more than 2 years !! Looking forward to all the planned trips to come and hopefully I will be able to share my travel and food journey soon too ! In the meantime, do enjoy this dish !!

9Nov, 2023
Steamed Tofu with Century Egg and Meat Floss

A simple and healthy dish that packs a punch. The tofu is steamed with century egg before topping with a savoury sauce and drizzle with meat floss and garnish with colours using green spring onions and red wolfberries. There’s also another way to enjoy this dish is to skip the steaming of the tofu and simply just drizzle the hot sauce over if you don’t mind to enjoy the tofu as it is.

But since I prefer the dish warm, so I did the extra step of steaming the tofu with century egg first. The white, black, brown, red and green combi actually makes it a very striking dish that looks really as good as it tastes. Even though I had this as one of my main dish but if you ever need a fulfilling in-between meals dish, this makes an ideal one too which you can have it on its own without further accompaniments.

9Nov, 2023
Assorted Mushrooms & Shrimps Stewed Rice 杂菇虾仁烩饭

Another easy one-plate meal ! Ideal for weekday nights dinner now because it’s back to the office regime once more. Everywhere is just crowded to begin with and still trying very much to get used to the alarm every morning now. At the end of the day after the commute journey, I just felt liked knocking out ! LOL. So my “more effort” cooking has been very much confined to weekends nowadays only.

For weekdays, such one-plate meal of everything is excellent when I just need to put everything together and enjoy a satisfying meal without too much hassle and cleaning up. Instead of packing in or food delivery, such home-cooked meals are definitely healthier and will also help to save money.

This dish is simple and yet taste really delicious. The assortment of mushrooms, vegetables and shrimps along with the sauce blend in perfectly together and mixing them into rice just packs a good satisfying meal that you probably just wished you had prepared more !

9Nov, 2023
Herbal Steamed Fish – Eat What Tonight

One of my ways to beat inflation is to find more economical substitutes for the food I love and yet not comprising in taste. So for this dish, instead of using the more pricey Cod Fish, I had it substituted with the Green Halibut Fish. The fish meat is very tender and tasty too after steaming and I think next time I will probably try other ways of cooking this fish and see if they yield the same results as Cod Fish.

My initial intention was to cook up a herbal soup but since the fish was on hand so I combined the both and came up with this Herbal Steamed Fish where I can use the sauce as the gravy for the rice too and enjoy the fish at the same time. So it kind of kills 2 birds with 1 stone with a single dish.

On a side note, I can’t wait for June to be over so that I can kickstart the second half of the year soon ! So much in plans for the balance half year and I really can’t wait (can you sense my excitement here?! Haha) !! In the meantime, let’s enjoy this healthy and tasty herbal steamed fish for now !!

9Nov, 2023
Shanghai Style Fried Udon Noodles 上海乌冬炒面

Easy and delicious Shanghai style fried udon noodles ! Even Mama gives the thumbs up for this, except that she said I had added in too much meat as compared to the noodles and vegetables ! She’s not much of a meat eater, that’s why ! I had wanted to clear off the pork belly sitting around in the fridge and I wasn’t expecting her to wanna eat the noodles also, hence the customized version was originally intended for myself only.

Nevertheless glad that she liked it too and that proves that the recipe is a keeper. I will definitely try to make it a wholesome vegan version next time round should I have all the ingredients on hand once again.

While I don’t really have any specific brands of Udon noodles to recommend but I find that the chilled ones from Don Don Donki has a seemingly more chewy texture than the non-chilled ones found in local supermarkets which I better preferred and stir frying the noodles this way make it even better. So hopefully I can find both the tummy and fridge space to prep this dish again soon – gonna go on diet soon from all the eating !!

9Nov, 2023
Steamed Egg with Tofu and Braised Minced Meat

Steamed Egg with Tofu and Braised Minced Meat – Eat What Tonight

A delicious dish made up of steamed egg with egg tofu before drizzling with braised minced meat in a savoury sauce ! Just this dish alone is enough to whet up anyone’s appetite accompanied simply with a bowl of rice. The gist of a smooth and silky steamed egg is to make sure the egg mixture is filtered through a sieve several times to get rid of the air bubbles and egg white membrane before covering it with a heat-proof wrap to prevent steam droplets from falling onto it and lastly steaming it on a medium-low heat.

The addition of the tofu to the steamed egg this time gives it a more tender texture as well. Noticed that I never add any extra seasoning to the steamed egg this time because I prepped more of the braised sauce to coat the entire steamed egg such that every spoonful of it will get you the sauce which essentially make up for any seasoning required.

My tummy is growling as I am penning down this recipe and salivating at the pictures. Happy TGIF eve !!

9Nov, 2023
Seafood Pad Thai with Modori Sodam Cookware

So I finally got myself the Modori Sodam Cookware set which has been on my wish-list for the longest time ever since they first step foot in Singapore ! Been eyeing it for its sleek minimalist design and excellent space saving capabilities especially when you know how small and expensive houses can be nowadays, effective space management is important to make the best use of space you can get. What’s more, with their newly-in grilled pan and mini pot, I guess it’s just the right time to complete the collection there and then !

Yes, I also had Modori’s Chopping Board Set, Ceramic Modular Dish Set and Silicon Containers
All in matching colors !

Consider the amount of area it took to nestle 1 grill pan, 1 frying pan, 1 deep pan and 2 cooking pots, 5 items in all which take up only a small fraction of the kitchen cabinet space just make my ideology of having a minimalist lifestyle and dream kitchen more reachable and realistic.

Other than the aesthetically pleasing design that sits beautifully against the stovetop and which blends really well with most kitchen designs nowadays, the milky matt white natural exterior coating has an excellent non-stick ceramic coating that literally sees you getting your cooking done with minimal oil consumption which just translate to more cost savings and health benefits in the long run.

What’s more, the detachable pan/pot handle that comes with the Sodam Cookware Set works its versatility from the stove to table function also sees less washing to be done which meant lesser hassle and more time savings. And if the pan is pretty much grease-free, all it needs is a simple clean up with water itself and it’s pretty much all good to go.

With that, I served up a Seafood Pad Thai in a one-pan meal using the Modori Sodam frying pan that was cooked and served all together in one setting which literally makes everything a breeze. Talking about efficiency and here’s one functionality that’s definitely worth going for.

Now if you may ask if the cookware set sits well on all cooking stoves, and the answer is an awesome Yes. It can even go into the oven for all your baking needs as well, saving the moolah to get any extra baking pans which will just take up even more space again.

Do head on to https://modori.sg/ for the best eye-candy cookware set that’s available in the market now !

9Nov, 2023
Macaroni in Borscht Soup 通心粉罗宋汤

Prepped this as a non-beef version and it tastes really good ! The soup has a tangy sourish-ness from the tomatoes, savouriness from the seasoning and sweetness from the vegetables, a healthy and delicious all-in-one soup. And to top if off, I added macaroni for that extra carbo. If you are intending to prep this as a vegetarian version, replace the chicken soup with that of a vegetables soup and it will be even more wholesome.

Macaroni in Borscht Soup 通心粉罗宋汤

Macaroni in Borscht Soup 通心粉罗宋汤

Recipe by Eat What TonightCourse: MainCuisine: Chinese


  • 250ml chicken stock

  • 350ml water + more for topping up

  • 1 small carrot, diced

  • 1 potato, diced

  • 1/2 onion, diced

  • 3 sticks of celery, diced

  • 2 tomatoes, cut into quarters

  • 4 leaves of cabbage, sliced thinly

  • 1 tsp minced garlic

  • 3 pcs bay leaves

  • 2 tbsp tomato paste

  • Some macaroni

  • Some freshly grind sea salt and black pepper