12Nov, 2023
Stuffed Red Bean Pumpkin Pancakes 南瓜红豆馅饼

Tried my hands on these Stuffed Red Bean Pumpkin Pancakes from scratch, including the red bean paste and I must say they are really good ! Especially the homemade red bean paste is a far cry from the store bought paste as you can alter the sweetness of it to your liking plus it’s packed with such an aromatic red-beany taste that you probably can’t get from the instant ones.

Though it might seem tedious to prepare them but once you get yourself down to doing it, they are not as tough as you would imagine. In fact, it was quite a breeze if you can prepare them sequentially by steps.

The end result boosts of a thin and chewy pumpkin skin that houses a tastefully sweet red bean filling and it makes a great tea time companion with a pot of warmly brewed tea. The extra red bean paste can be freeze up to be used as filling for your breads, buns or even mooncakes !

12Nov, 2023
Creamy Salted Egg Yolk Tofu 咸蛋奶黄豆腐

Can never resist any and all things salted egg yolks ! So here’s another one to whet the appetite further ! Fried tofu coated in a creamy and savoury salted egg yolk sauce that’s easily whipped up by a mix of custard sauce, curry leaves, chilli padis and not forgetting the most crucial salted egg yolks !

If you are just looking for the salted egg yolks without the whites, you can find them from the frozen section of local Sheng Shiong Supermarkets where they are being sold in a tray of 10 which I find it really useful to use in such salted egg yolk dishes as the egg whites are generally not required.

I used egg tofu for this recipe as I find that they tend to complement the salted egg yolk sauce better with the eggy-ness and soft tofu texture. The most time consuming part will be the deep frying of the tofu, otherwise the rest of the cooking is literally fuss-free and straight forward. Hope you will enjoy this dish too !

12Nov, 2023
Steamed Tri-Seafood Dumplings 三鲜蒸饺 – Eat What Tonight

Steamed and panfry these dumplings and both turn out equally excellent ! For a healthier version, the steamed one is definitely to go. The tri-seafood include fresh shrimps, scallops and fish paste with an abundance amount of diced water chestnuts which just make the dumplings perfect ! Used store-bought dumplings skin for these and all you need is a good seasoning mixture and rest is literally a breeze. The extra dumplings can be frozen up as well and they go along very well with some noodles or as a side dish anytime.

A few sharing tips here. Always try to cover the dumplings skin with a piece of damp cloth whilst wrapping to prevent them from drying out.

Depending on the size of scallops used, you can cut them into halves or quarters and wrap them into the dumplings with the filling.

The dumplings are steamed on an oiled banana leaf in a bamboo steamer which adds a good aroma to the dumplings too as compared to just a basic steam over any steamer. Applying the layer of oil prevents the dumpling from getting stuck onto it as well.

And here’s the complete recipe to share ! Hope you like it too and do have a great week ahead !

12Nov, 2023
Old-school Style Mee Tai Bak Noodles Soup

An old school favourite of mine is this old school style Mee Tai Bak (silver rat) noodles soup that comes typically with only minced meat, meatballs and a little beansprouts before topping with diced spring onion and fried garlic. It looks really simple but it’s so delicious that I always cannot resist a second helping.

For a quicker cook up, you can use a chicken or pork bones soup base which can be store bought or homecooked. The gist of this dish is to top it with lots of freshly fried minced garlic which adds a great deal of aroma to the soup. Why is it an old-school favourite then ? Well I grew up enjoying Mee Tai Bak noodles in any form and this dish typically carries simple ingredients which can be easily found in most Chinese homes kitchen, requires essentially zero cooking skills and yet taste deliciously flavourful.

So sharing this wholesomely awesome homecooked Old-School Mee Tai Bak Soup for your slurpy-lucious meal anytime !

12Nov, 2023
Steamed Stuffed Bean Curd – Eat What Tonight

Steamed Stuffed Bean Curd – Eat What Tonight

Steamed stuffed bean curd with a little twist by the addition of a little toasted salted fish ! Bean curd dishes are generally easy to whip up and more especially so if you just need to steam them and top it with some savoury sauce. But with a little more effort like this dish, we get to try out something new as well so why not ?

Loved that the filling is really delicious and along with the sauce, it makes the tofu very appetizing. The salted fish can be a bonus for those who favours it but otherwise can always be eliminated as it might not be easy to find them nowadays as well. Goes along awesomely with some plain porridge or rice and for the light eaters, this should make a satisfying and hearty meal all together.

12Nov, 2023
Mackerel Fishcakes – Eat What Tonight

Mackerel Fishcakes – Eat What Tonight

Didn’t realize it’s really that simple to whip up these fishcakes and they actually tasted liked the real deal ! The most time consuming part will be to panfry the fishcakes till golden brown as I had made them relatively large and in order to cut down on the amount of oil to be used and avoid massive cleaning up, I opt for shallow oil panfrying instead of deep fry.

But nevertheless they turn out pretty well and in fact I think even without the panfrying part, you can enjoy the steamed fishcakes as they were too, just liked how those Teochew Mui stalls are selling them with plain congee.

12Nov, 2023
Fish Maw & Crabmeat Thick Soup

Fish Maw & Crabmeat Thick Soup – Eat What Tonight

Cooking up this dish requires a little more effort than usual because I had the soup stock prepped up from scratch using vegetables and chicken. But nevertheless it’s a rich and collagen packed hearty soup infused with flavors from the fish maw with the addition of diced crabmeat to enhance the sweetness of it all.

Ingredients for the Soup Stock
Ingredients for Fish Maw & Crabmeat Soup

And though a bit early for now, this makes a really good festive dish for the Chinese New Year especially when you realize this soup is going to be costly if you are having it at the restaurants. But it will only cost you a fraction of the price if you had it homecooked with all natural ingredients. Loved the color of the dish and to make it healthier, I also added a fair amount of vegetables such as carrots, mushrooms and garlic chives.

Hope this flavorful and delicious homecooked soup will excite you as much as I do !

12Nov, 2023
Spinach Egg Tofu – Eat What Tonight

Unlike the usual spinach tofu where you have the spinach as a different layer on top of the tofu, I actually blend the spinach to create juice in this recipe and incorporate them into the egg tofu making itself hence the green color tofu as they are seen. This is probably a more comprehensive way of incorporating the entire spinach into the tofu making and gives the dish a little more vibes than then usual spinach tofu.

What’s more, the sweetness from the spinach can be channeled directly into the tofu itself but yet it doesn’t feel like you are having the greens itself. For those who steer clear of green vegetables, this is probably a good way for you to enjoy your greens without too much effort too.

I pan-fried the tofu thereafter to give it a little crisp and even enjoyed it as a dish just like that by itself. It’s absolutely healthy and delicious, so why not. But if you find it a little too plain to be eaten that way, you can stir-fry it with some oyster sauce and mushrooms to make it a complete dish all together !