15Nov, 2023
Egg Fried Rice with Burger Patty Onigirazu

Made this rather fusion Onigirazu recently which comprises of an Asian Egg fried rice which you can get the recipe here with a store bought chicken burger patty sandwiched between an egg omelette and blanched spinach. In reality, I was trying to utilize the burger patty which has been sitting around and having no burger buns on hand, I tried to think out of the box and came out of this idea.

The combination looks really awesome, isn’t it ? Is liked having an Asian rice paired with a Western burger patty and sandwiching them together to form a Japanese style Onigirazu. Ohhhhh, not forgetting to mention I was using a Korean seaweed to encase everything. So doesn’t that make this little creation a blend of 4 countries fusion food ? LOL.

So to clarify in a bit, this post is not exactly a real recipe but more of an idea sharing for unique food creations since the burger patty was a store bought one too. So if you have extra burger patties next time and running out of burger buns and not wanting to just enjoy them plainly as they are, you can give this a try and see if it fancy you too !

15Nov, 2023
Stir Fry Kway Teow Mee (Flat Rice Noodles & Yellow Noodles) 干炒粿条面

Kway teow mee is a commonly known food term locally which translates to flat rice noodles and yellow noodles. And recently I did a delicious stir fry of the both together which was also packed with beansprouts, pork slices and green vegetables. Unlike the local char kway teow, this homecooked version is more down to earth, healthier and more subtle yet tasty on a different note.

And whilst we all know fish sauce is quite a must in most noodles stir fry, but often it is mistakenly used during the cooking process instead. To maximize the effectiveness of fish sauce and bring out the flavor of the dish, it is best to add a dash of fish sauce only at the end of the cooking just before removing from heat. As fish sauce tends to be on a salty basis, hence a dash of it is more than enough. But some people might not like the smell of it on the first instant because it has a real fishy smell which might not be tolerable to all.

However it works miracle when added to a good flat rice noodles stir fry and is quite essential if you want to bring out the flavors of the dish fully. And another must-have will be the sweet soya sauce or commonly known as the kecap manis. This particular ABC brand is by far the most reliable I’ve used in terms of richness texture and works well in this stir fry. Other brands in comparison are often too watery or too light for the preferences.

This little home-cooked is really easy to whip up and I think the time I spent at the wet market in queuing to buy these noodles are probably far longer than the amount of time I’ve spent preparing and cooking this dish. Mainly also that’s only one such particular stall in the wet market near me that sells such stuffs so the queue was unusually time consuming.

Hope you will like this dish as much as I do ! And glad that most food and retail business will get to resume tomorrow but please don’t rush for it okay ! We have the rest of our time from tomorrow till forever to enjoy whatever we have. 🙂

15Nov, 2023
Asian Pulled Pork – Eat What Tonight

This Asian pull pork dish is simply delicious ! Had it cooked over the stovetop and I must say the flavors is well infused into every pork shreds and all was just tenderly moist and flavorful. It was served on plain rice and yet already taste awesomely good. I noticed that many of you actually had this served on a burger or sandwich and I would reckon that this will be equally good too if not better ! But I had some reserved to cook with fried noodles instead the day after, so we shall see how well it goes on with the noodles then !

The reason why I choose to cook this over the stove top instead of the pressure or slow cooker is that I believed this method will enable the flavors from the seasoning to go right into the meat more thoroughly since a longer cooking time is desired and the seasoning sauce will be slowly drained and reduced which would otherwise be well absorbed by the pork. This is something that probably the pressure or slow cooker is unable to achieve as usually the use of these cookers generally does not reduce the amount of the sauce to be well absorbed into the meat for the thorough flavors. Though there’s always the advantage of using the cookers is that you do not have to worry about the sauce being drained or burnt out, saving the hassle of keeping tab on the fire.

In any case, this Asian Pull Pork recipe is certainly a keeper and am sure I would be cooking this up soon again to prep it for my sandwich days. And to realize that a huge slab of pork collar meat used for this is actually reduced to a 1 to 1.5 pax serving after cooking. So please be sure to prep up more meat if you are cooking for a huge household. Also if you are sourcing for the right cuts of pork meat too, pork collar works the best for me (and in most cases too) as it contains a good amount of fats and lean meat which would not render the meat too dry nor too oily which is essentially the right cut for me.

Hope you will enjoy this dish as much as I do too !

15Nov, 2023
Pulled Pork Fried Noodles – Eat What Tonight

Pulled Pork Fried Noodles – Eat What Tonight

With the earlier post of an Asian Pull Pork recipe, the leftover of the pulled pork was conveniently and deliciously transformed into an Asian Pulled Pork Fried Noodles the following day. The pulled pork blended very well with the noodles and it was seemingly an awesome match nevertheless.

Now besides enjoying pulled pork in sandwiches and burgers, this little twist on an Asian dish fits our taste buds very well. Using Hong Kong fried noodles for the menu and with added mushrooms and a little green vegetables to complete the meal wholesomely.

I think the use of pulled pork is really a good addition that gives the noodles the right amount of savoriness. Just liked how we used to enjoy our Chinese braised pork knuckles with fried vermicelli, this is pretty much similar too but with a different twist.

And here’s to sharing the recipe as follows.

15Nov, 2023
Ginger Soya Chicken – Eat What Tonight

Can’t imagine we are already in August for year 2020 already. Stepping into the 5th month of the Work-From-Home regime has definitely benefited me much. To be honest, I am getting so used to this WFM thingy that I can’t imagine myself waking up at 6ish-am in the mornings anymore, beating the maddening CBD crowds and trains to head to work again. But then again, if this doesn’t happen anymore also implied that this virus thing is still on-going which is neither something good either. I seriously missed travelling and holiday-ing a lotsssss.

But much has also been gained so far. I get to prepare more home-cooked meals, de-clutter more and also more time in tidying up the house. Before this, everything was always a mad rush over the short 2-days weekends with little rest time in between. And because I get to cook more often too, I managed this Ginger Soya Chicken earlier which is a little mock up of one of the dishes from one of my favourite Mixed Vegetables rice 杂菜饭 stall in my hood.

Though a pretty simple and homely Chinese fare, the gravy was indeed awesome with rice. Something which I could polish up my rice easily which is considered quite a feat as I am usually not a heavy rice eater. So hope this little dish of mine can stir up some inspirations for your next meal preparation. Enjoy !!

15Nov, 2023
Salt and Pepper Fried Fish

The lazy vibes in me has been pretty dominant recently. So much so that this is a rare chance that you actually caught me cooking this dish which involves some deep frying efforts now ! But glad to say no regrets there because the dish was really good and also enables me to clear up some freezer space.

As much as I hope to cook on a more daily basis especially now that we have had the option to work from home, but the regime of working on a desk bound job at home has actually kept me quite on tenterhooks mainly because I find it hard to concentrate juggling between cooking a proper decent meal whilst tending to notifications from incoming emails and messages.

Nevertheless, this was prepared on a weekend when I can finally free my mind from my daily job tasks and concentrate on preparing my food wholeheartedly. Coming back to this crispy Salt and Pepper Fried Fish, even Mom complemented on this dish which was pretty surprising. Because it was prepped using Barramundi fish which isn’t exactly one of her favourites. And amazingly, she couldn’t even tell that it was Barramundi fish until I’ve told her. So that probably goes to show how “successful” this dish is ! LOL.

Even though it requires some deep-frying which I reckon will only works best for this recipe, but if you are cautious about messing up your kitchen, you can always deep-fry them in small batches with lesser oil and in a smaller pot which is exactly what I did. And I am quite sure you won’t regret cooking this dish if you have tried it out. Enjoy !

15Nov, 2023
Shredded Ginger and Dark Soya Fish 姜丝酱油鱼

Some people commented that this dish looked liked a confinement dish ! But no no, I am not certainly not in confinement. LOL. Nevertheless I loved this dish to bits because the shredded ginger added a really good fragrance to the dish and compiled with the fact that I am using boneless fish slices for it make the dish a breeze to enjoy. Though it may look not look gorgeous in presentation, but the aroma and taste beats it all.

And what’s more I get to clear up more freezer stash and really glad that the freezer is finally down to half empty which is quite a feat for once in a long time. I have been thinking recently that I’ve been sharing recording recipes on this blog for a goodness long time and was contemplating to share other aspects of food related or lifestyle in time to come. What do you people think ? Any suggestions on what I should incorporate next or what do you hope to hear from me ? Maybe I could do a posting on the different cookware collection that I deem useful ? Or some I share more food related reviews ? Let me know and keep your comments coming. Though I maybe slow in replying on some days as I have a full time day job to cater to, but I will try my best to keep the pace going.

Coming back to this recipe, it’s a dish that isn’t too difficult to begin with. As you can see I am trying as much as possible to incorporate yummy and fuss free cooking nowadays which most of us or anyone new in cooking can easily embark on. I guess many already had a bit too much of home cooking during the circuit breaker period, so you would probably give it a miss if it’s anything too complicated or requires much effort. So be it confinement dish or not, this one is a keeper and meant for everyone whether or not you are in confinement !

15Nov, 2023
Steamed Egg with Fish Slices

A one-plate steamed dish today with egg, fish slices and luncheon meat ! You can refer to the post here for a precise reiteration on how to churn up a good steamed egg. This is after countless experiments of mine though. So hope it helps !

And to cut the story short today, this supposedly steamed dish idea evolves from one of the dishes I had at the mixed vegetables rice stall previously. It was a Chinese steamed egg with luncheon meat stuffed in between and I thought it was really good. So to facilitate the idea further, I added some fish slices to it to complete the wholesome meal further such that with this dish alone, you get to enjoy egg, fish and meat all in one !

While I also thought that the addition of fish slices will cause the egg surface to be less smoother than compared to if you just steamed the egg alone by itself since there will be water coming out from the fish during steaming which will rendered the egg surface to have a less than perfect texture, but glad that this did not happen and all was still good as you can see.

So sharing this quick one-plate steamed meal here for your next meal inspiration !

15Nov, 2023
Chilli Fishcake Balls – Eat What Tonight

Why I choose to call these fishcake balls is because they are simply a hybrid of fishballs, meatballs and fishcake. They aren’t exactly fishballs to begin with because I’ve added minced meat to them and they aren’t meatballs either as it contains both additional fish and prawn meat. But the texture of it feels like an in-between of the fishballs and fishcake, and so that’s how the term fishcake balls come about ! While I understand traditional fishball use typically yellowtail fish, I used barramundi fish for this recipe and also feel that any white fish slice would suffice as well since the intention is not about making traditional fishballs in this case. But more on finding different ways to utilize our daily white fish instead of the usual ways of steaming, frying or even braising them as they are.

And surprisingly, they were so good that I had it consecutively for 2 days and am still missing them. You can simply add them to any homecooked soup to enjoy on its own or go along with a noodles soup as an addition. Whilst I tried deep-frying these chilli fishcake balls as well, I would think they taste so much better on a soup base than being deep-fried anytime.

If you are looking for something without spice or kids friendly, simply eliminate the diced chilli padi as an ingredient, you will get some awesome fishcake balls that everyone in the household can enjoy. And if you are thinking it might be too complicated to beef up, well I can honestly say that it’s actually quite a breeze. The only part where more effort is involved … is probably the mincing of carrots ! LOL. Otherwise the rest of it all are literally quite effortless.

And here’s the recipe to share !