16Nov, 2023
Easy Fluffy Pancakes – Eat What Tonight

These easy nice and fluffy pancakes are the bomb ! They paired up awesomely with some golden syrup and are so easy to whip up. Had this strong cravings for pancakes recently and even purposefully bought a bottle of golden syrup to go along, but the supermarket chaos recently has gotten most of the instant pancake premix off the shelves literally. So I had no choice but to proceed to make some from scratch.

But because of that too, I realized making pancakes from scratch wasn’t that difficult either. If using premix is on a scale of 1 being the easiest, I would say making them this way now is probably just a 1.5. So breakfast was made easy and enjoyable with these lovable golden brown pancakes topped with slabs of butter and dosed in sweet syrup.

Hope these awesome looking pancakes will brighten up your day too despite of all the stay-ins that everyone of us has to adhere to now. Believe all will be good in no time and our lives will be back to normality soon. In the meantime, stay safe and take care !

16Nov, 2023
Chinese Style Braised Pork Belly using Ninja Foodi

How are everyone coping with the current situation ? Hope it has still been well despite the stringent stay-home measures currently. Just a little ranting before proceeding on to the recipe. Had intended year 2020 to be a new milestone for me, it being a new decade, a new age and a hopefully kinda new and different lifestyle. But sadly this has to be taken a drawback because of the current viral situation. Nevertheless, the plans have still been on my mind for the longest time ever. The question is when ? Before you start all the wild guessing, let me just clarify in a bit. Sabbatical is the magic word.

For those who have ever been on a sabbatical, going to take one or is somewhat liked me contemplating on one, could you share with me your thoughts about it, on a private note of course ? Drop me a mail at [email protected] and we can take on from there.

Moving on next is our star of this post, being the Chinese Style Braised Pork Belly and this time cooked vis the pressure cooking function with my new toy, the Ninja Foodi ! Am sure some of you whom are based outside of Asia would be pretty familiar with the the Ninja Kitchen brand since it originates and is an established and renowned household brand in USA.

Ninja Foodi is a versatile 2-in-1 kitchen appliance that comprises of a Pressure Cooker cum Air Fryer in one. And because of this unique feature, you literally only need one of this appliance and that will save you 50% of your kitchen countertop space. ⁣⁣⁣And since most of us have had to cope up with the one month and upcoming two-months long of stay-home period, it’s also an excellent time to ignite the little MasterChef in you and start whipping up a storm in the kitchen. With that, an awesome assistant liked Ninja Foodi would definitely be of great help !

⁣⁣⁣And here’s the real deal. Use promo code “EATWHATTONIGHT” and that will entitle you to a whopping 25% discount when you purchase from : ⁣⁣⁣

Well this is non affiliate marketing nor am I in anyway receiving commission for the said deal. So am just sharing something worthy. With that said, I tried out the Pressure function and cooked up a tenderly soft braised pork belly in 30 minutes and serve it upon a spread of braised peanuts, eggs and salted vegetables for a local hawker style of Kway Chap. The word Kway refers to the broad rice noodles that is used to serve alongside this dish whilst Chap typically meant the soya based sauce used to cook the dish.


16Nov, 2023
Easy Mee Sua (Wheat Vermicelli) Noodles soup 家常米线湯

Now this is a dish that I’ve cooked up pretty often. Kinda reminds me of the times when the old folks at home would prepped this up for anyone on their birthday. Typically served with a red egg (hard boiled egg that’s colored with red shells) in celebration of the occasion. And because wheat vermicelli noodles also have the meaning of longevity in Asian context, so the meaning of the dish becomes even more deeply rooted.

It’s a fairly simple and effortless dish as you can see from the video. The reason why I enjoyed cooking this often is that it requires such a minimal amount of effort that it can be compare relatively to an instant noodles fix. But it’s a whole lot healthier without the MSG and made a complete meal that comprises of noodles, soup, egg, vegetables and a little meat for protein.

Well I guess comforting foods like such play an even more important role during this stay home period as we learn to downsize our appetite and treasure however simple foods we may have in these times where food scarcity seems more surreal than ever.

16Nov, 2023
Stir Fry Spicy Udon Noodles

I am all in for Udon noodles as always. Be it for a simple noodles soup or stir fry, the thick chewy noodles are always good in all ways. So did a spicy stir fry recently and no no, it’s not anything Mala based but using a good mix of commonly used Chinese condiments such as light soya sauce and spicy bean paste.

It was one of my meals during the work from home days and because it’s really fast to beef up, so that technically it fits everything into an hour lunch break from preparation, cooking to finishing it. So you can be absolutely sure your boss won’t be zooming and spying into you anytime beyond that. LOL.

And it has been raining quite constantly on a daily basis recently when the weather is meant to be warm and humid for an April month in Singapore. Perhaps the weather feels for our predicament too and is forcing us to stay indoors with the downpour. Well a spicy dish liked such is always welcomed on such gloomy days then, isn’t it. And don’t get deceive by the outlook of the noodles as the spice is well hidden beneath it. Happy Tuesday !

16Nov, 2023
Cheesey French Toasts Sausage Rolls

Cheesey French Toasts Sausage Rolls – Eat What Tonight

Now I won’t exactly say this is a recipe to begin with. More of a breakfast idea sharing that you can enjoy making with your kids at home now. I thought it will be pretty fun to get the kids hands on in making their own breakfast and to start off with something easy and delicious is the best way.

But even as a grown up, I had enjoyed these cheesey french toasts sausage rolls to the brim too. Loved the melting cheese that goes into the toasts and compiled with some sausages on the go, they just taste awesomely irresistible.

I think it would be great if some bakeries can incorporate this into their menu too. It would be such a hit with all the french toasts lovers liked myself. And I hope this little sharing can help the stay-home parents to enjoy more bonding time with their restless kids now too ! Have fun !

16Nov, 2023
Blueberry Muffins – Eat What Tonight

Hands up for these awesome homebaked blueberry muffins ! Yes, you shall have my legs up too ! It’s actually quite surprising to know that for someone liked myself who do not fancy berries of any sorts, that am actually quite acceptable to blueberries in some kinds of bakes. Yes, not the raw fruits by itself either but it has to be literally baked along with some batter as a cake to make them “edible” to me.

And these Blueberry Muffins are in fact more than edible to me for once. LOL. They smell heavenly during and after the bake and taste awesomely good too ! Made them for breakfast and just google down three in a shot and nope, they are not in mini size either. Gosh, what have I do to myself these days ! Blame it on the stay at home days I guess. LOL.

I ran out of milk, so I had it conveniently replaced with butter water. And I thought it was really good ! The butter kept the muffins moist and added an extra hinge of fragrance to it. But it wasn’t as dense as it would be if you had completely substituted the oil for butter entirely. There are numerous and countless blueberry muffins’ recipes on the WWW so you need not follow mine to the core either. Just play around with your flour and sugars during these stay home days and adjust to whatever best suits your taste buds.

16Nov, 2023
Chinese Style Steamed Egg 中式蒸滑水蛋

Chinese Style Steamed Egg 中式蒸滑水蛋 – Eat What Tonight

Think I am always a bit late in recording my recipes here. But generally I still prefer to pen down my recipes in this blog which you maybe surprised, I do refer to them more often that you could imagine. Because I do find it easier to search for my past recipes from this website than Instagram. And I could record more specific details and steps in the blog than any other platforms too.

I reckon I had made these steamed egg countless times so I guess this is quite an almost fool proof recipe (for me) already. It’s actually not too difficult if you get the ratio and steps right. And generally success rate will be high even for a first attempt. And even if you failed, it’s perfectly fine too because it will still taste as good albeit the un-smooth texture only.

Just remember the key aspect ratio of egg : water will be 1:2 and also sharing some tips in the notes section below the recipe for extra caution. Hope they will be useful to you !

16Nov, 2023
Vegetarian Hotplate Tofu 斋铁板豆腐 – Eat What Tonight

Commonly found in Singapore’s heartlands and neighborhoods are various coffee shops where you can find many individual food stalls selling various kinds of local delicacies under one roof. And a so-called Zhi Char stall is one of such stall commonly found. The name so called is translated from Hokkien which meant 煮炒. And Hotplate Tofu is a widely popular dish you can find from most zhi char stalls locally. Because I enjoyed this dish so much, I even went as far as to get myself a hotplate and attempted the same from home too. Other than the splattering of oil when the hotplate gets heated up of which is not so pleasant, the dish isn’t too difficult to whip up. You can find the original non-vegetarian hotplate tofu from here.

Whilst most hotplate tofu contains minced meat, I attempted with a Vegetarian version over the weekend by having the meat replaced by mashed tofu instead ! The striking resemblance is actually so real that you probably can’t tell much difference till you have tasted it or if you are being told about it.

And no, no flour was being used in the process and it was purely a good old vegetarian Hotplate Tofu, served by a good bout of egg, tofu, carrots and seasoning. And I thought it was really good as it is by this version already ! But if you are attempting for a bigger serving than this, you can always add in some shiitake mushrooms and baby corns to complete the dish further.

So dedicating this dish to all Vegetarians out there, I hope this dish can whet up your appetite and appeal to your taste buds well. Gonna pen down this recipe for my own records purposes too because I am sure I will cook this dish up again.

16Nov, 2023
Mee Hoon Kueh Soup 面粉粿汤

Recently I made this Mee Hoon Kueh soup which was really easy and delicious. Basically it’s a dough made of flour and water and pinching them into smaller pieces to go along with a soup with vegetables and some minced meat. Some readers have also told me to add an egg to the dough, or even use a roller pin to smoothen the texture before adding them into the soup. I guess I will try that next time ! Because I was prepping for a one serving this time, the flour portion was too little to include an egg but the wrinkled surface of the mee hoon kueh is what my Mom always say, signature of handmade ones. Those that are sold commercially are usually made from machines in factories. Well some truth to that for sure.

It’s a simple dish which costs really little to put together and yet very satisfying and fulfilling because flour generally gets bloated up when mixed with soup, hence no worries about the serving being too little because you will get full very easily as well. And if you are going for a vegan version, you can always exclude the minced meat and ikan bilis topping and prepped it with more of your desired vegetables.

2 more days to June 2020, which we are slowly getting out of the Circuit Breaker soon. Seriously I never counted the days or counting down to the day to when we will go back to normal. Because I know that time past really quickly and there seriously isn’t the need to constantly remind own self how many more days that are to go. I always feel that we should just take each day as it is because time will heal everything and anytime and at the end of every crisis in life, we will always emerge stronger and better.

With that, hope everyone will also be able to appreciate simple home-cooked dishes liked this Mee Hoon Kueh and not take for granted whatever food that we have on our table right now. Because there are many more others who are much less fortunate than we are and whom might not even have the luxury of such simple foods. 🙂