18Nov, 2023
Chinese Style Steamed Pomfret Fish 中式清蒸白鲳鱼

The traditional Chinese way of steaming white pomfret fish include using salted vegetables, salted plum, tomatoes, ginger slices and some chili padi for that extra spice I desired and top with a little light soya sauce, shaoxing wine and sesame oil. And this is best served with plain porridge or rice !

White pomfret fish meat has a very tender texture, hence best served through the steaming method to retain most of its freshness. It is one of the most popular whole fish that’s enjoyed by the Chinese at home. Hence this traditional old school way of steaming was actually brought down to me from the old folks.

The absolute idea of enjoying this dish is to get a fresh pomfret fish and the rest are really all complimentary to the fish ! Do you happen to steam your fish this way too ? It’s simple, delicious and makes a good one dish meal easily.

And here’s the quick and fuss free recipe to share !

18Nov, 2023
Salmon and Edamame Beans Egg Fried Rice 三文鱼毛豆蛋炒饭

It’s my favourite egg fried rice again ! And I am sure it’s also the favourites of many of you out there. Because no one, simply no one I have heard of who doesn’t fancy a fried rice so far. And today version is further topped with salmon cubes and edamame beans ! And with the plus fact that it’s more protein packed than usual because there’s simply more eggs than rice in this fried rice !

Also for the fact that I am trying to reduce my rice intake, so this plate of fried rice uses one whole chunk of salmon and 2 full eggs but only contains slightly more than 1/2 cup of short grain rice. So you can visualize yourself enjoying the ingredients rather than eating fried rice then. Lol.

But I must reiterate that it’s still a fried rice nevertheless because it was intended to be one, and a very tasty one too ! Because salmon and edamame beans are healthy and delicious foods to begin with, so they can never go wrong with the scrambled eggs and Japanese short grain rice.

Recently I saw someone sharing some thoughts about posting recipes that I find it very meaningful and true. It goes on to say something liked ~ instead of sharing very elaborate recipes which you would need to go to great strengths to produce that excellent food, why not share some down to earth and simple recipes which the majority of us can follow or even improvise to an even better one which would in turn benefit more people. And I am so in agreement with this. So here I am, sharing this quick and fuss free recipe here ! Hope you will like it too !

18Nov, 2023
Claypot Noodles with Barramundi Fish Slices 沙锅鱼片伊面

For those love a good collagen soup stock like myself but lazy to spend 6 to 8 hours cooking it over the stove, here’s another option you can consider now. The Collagen Chicken Stock from The Soup Spoon which will be sold via Kuhlbarra platform from November 2019 is an almost identical alternative. The thick groovy jelly like texture is exactly what it looked liked after we had our own homecooked collagen stock chilled.

Conveniently packed in a 500g bag, you can literally use the entire portion for a 2 person servings at one go. Hence saving you the hassle of freezing the balance. And with this rich and luscious collagen stock, I used it to prepare a very yummy-licious Claypot Noodles with succulent barramundi fish slices from Kuhlbara too !

And because the collagen stock is by itself already so rich and thick, the thickening of the soup gravy in the Claypot Noodles at the end of the cooking can also be eliminated ! It’s an easy packed recipe with little effort but taste as good as it looks.

I used yee mee noodles for this time which works really well because the flavor blends on pretty nicely with the gravy. With the rest of the ingredients liked mushrooms, carrots, green vegetables and barramundi fish as ingredients, this claypot dish makes an ideal and balance one pot meal fit for everyone.

Other than the usual soups and porridge, hope this recipe can also give you inspiration and further insight on how to utilize this very versatile collagen chicken stock from The Soup Spoon.

18Nov, 2023
Economical Fried Vermicelli 经济炒米粉 – Eat What Tonight

Well I think I probably have cooked this a zillion times but surprisingly I’ve never properly documented down the recipe here for even once. LOL. Maybe it’s something that I’ve cooked so often till I could remember the ingredients by heart and doesn’t even need any referrals for once. LOL.

But in the event that I ever gone senile next time (touchwood though!), I guess it’s still good to keep a record of this in my blog so that I could refer back whatever I’ve cooked thus far. An overseas colleague ever asked me why is our fried vermicelli called economical ? I guess it’s probably one of the cheapest breakfast options you can find around in our local stalls in the morning.

But if anyone of you know the history of why we called our fried vermicelli “economical”, please do share with me ya! And we as locals usually love to pair our vermicelli with some fried stuffs liked luncheon meat, egg, sausages, hash potatoes, fish cakes, fish fillets, etc. It’s not exactly the healthiest breakfast options around because of all the fried stuffs that we have it with, but still many of us for sure would certainly have this breakfast option at least once in a week I guess ?

And because it can be cooked up easily too, it also makes good sense if you want to cook up one for yourself at anytime of the day and enjoy it as a lunch or even dinner option liked what I’ve always done !

And this shall be a quick 1-minute cooking video for today ! Though the resolution is not that good because I am using the mobile, but I hope it’s good enough for you to know how to whip up one easy and tasty economical fried vermicelli from home !

18Nov, 2023
Barramundi & Broccoli Fish Patties

Made some really nice barramundi and broccoli fish patties today that are stuffed with some awesome barramundi fish bellies from Kuhlbarra, diced broccoli and carrots with some mashed potato ! And well serve in a one plate dish with some salad greens and egg rolls.

And I think these fish patties are really versatile in many ways too. Stuff a couple of cheese slices, tomatoes and lettuce between some burger bread and they can be easily served up as as burger patties or they can be simply enjoyed on their own with some Thai chili sauce, mayonnaise or any of your preferred dipping sauce.

Pretty healthy and kids friendly too, I would think. And if you are thinking this might not be filling enough as a main course, then you might be wrong because it was really satisfying as a meal on its own. Mainly because the patties contain potatoes and a good amount of barramundi fish.

It doesn’t take much effort to prepare these fish patties too. So hope you will enjoy these healthy Barramundi and broccoli fish patties that are well loaded with vegetables and barramundi fish.

18Nov, 2023
Top 10 Favorite Caterers from FoodLine.Sg for All Your Christmas Catering Needs

It’s the time of the year where all the merry making and festive cheer are in the air once again ! Aren’t you excited as we are stepping into the last month of year 2019 ? Well for once, I am really looking forward and can’t contain my desire that it comes sooner ! And I am sure it’s gonna be an exciting year end for everyone of you out there too because there will just be so much hosting, feasting and partying going on.

And with that in mind, am sure your hosting skills will be put to a test now. How to cater, when to cater and what kind of food to cater to your guests becomes a major brainstorm isn’t it. But fret not, because that’s always FoodLine.sg to the rescue. Being a one-stop catering and cake portal with over 300 merchants to choose from, it serves as an excellent reference point for all your catering needs for the upcoming Christmas season.

FoodLine.sg Christmas Catering

You can literally source, review and book for your catering needs all on one single platform on FoodLine.sg. Talking about efficiency and fuss free planning, I guess this shall be it. And with that in mind, we round up the top 10 most favourite caterers on FoodLine for your considerations. Hopefully that will assist you in further streamlining your planning needs and sourcing for a desired catering merchant !

Attractiveness : Free Log Cake, Party sets (with Turkey) available.

BellyGood Caterer

Attractiveness : Party Sets and ala carte party sets available.

Attractiveness : Mini buffets available and get 25% off all Christmas buffets.

Attractiveness : Order before 10 December 2019 to get complimentary Christmas cake &/or can drinks.

Spark and Flame Catering

Attractiveness : A variety of mini buffets, party sets, ala carte party sets available with free delivery above 100 pax.

Select Catering

Attractiveness : Mini buffets available with free golden roasted drumlets or roasted turkey of your choice.

Attractiveness : An assortment of party sets and mini buffets available.

Attractiveness : Party sets and mini buffets available with free delivery above 80 pax.

Chilli Manis Catering

Attractiveness : Party sets and mini buffets available.


Attractiveness : Enjoy 5% discount if confirmation made before 06 December 2019. Mini party sets and Asian Christmas menu available too.

Katong Catering

All caterers listed above do provide full menu buffets too in addition to what’s listed on the attractiveness. For more Christmas catering menus, do check out https://www.foodline.sg/christmas-catering/ and order today !

18Nov, 2023
Stir Fry Pork Ribs with Broccoli and Carrots 萝卜西兰花炒排骨

Cooked this dish earlier and thought it made a really hearty one plate dish because it contains both vegetables and meat together. It isn’t overly filling for one, and everything is so easy to clean up with just one pan and one plate thereafter. Plus the fact that I am using the air fryer to do some of the job too, it just makes everything much simpler and fuss free.

And I am counting down my days to the long awaited year end break where I can finally embark on my next trip !! So do catch me on IG if you can. It’s a faster way of sharing what I have been up to too.

But for now, hope you enjoy this recipe as I keep this post a relatively short and sweet one because I am feeling so sleepy. LOL. Hope you have an awesome upcoming TGIF and weekends !!

18Nov, 2023
Claypot Mee Tak Bak (Silver Needle Noodles) 砂锅老鼠粉

I loved mee tak bak so here’s another variation of how I have cooked it ! Been quite obsessed with cooking food in clay pot recently because I can literally use the clay pot to cook and eat from it all together. And very often than not, when I take a long sweet time to take pictures of the food, it will often result in me having cold food at the end of the photography. But when I cooked it in a clay pot which is excellent for heat retention, I can still enjoy my food piping hot thereafter !

So I start to dig out all the claypots, stone pots, corningware pots and whatever that can be cooked over the stove and eaten from it directly. This claypot mee tak bak tastes really good and I wish I had cooked more instead. But it was my last batch of silver needle noodles to be used up so that’s all I have !

So sharing this really awesome one pot dish which really makes me crave for more ! If you like mee tak bak liked myself, am sure you will enjoy this too. Sharing this recipe before I knock out for the night. Have an awesome TGIF tomorrow !