19Nov, 2023
Easy Yee Mee Noodles Soup

Loved this super easy and fuss free yee mee noodles soup because it’s packed with a collagen loaded home cooked soup base. Recently I started to make my own soup stock again using pork big bones, chicken feet, chicken carcass and simmering it over the gas stove for 5 hours, which is not my longest for the records though. My longest was liked 10 hours and there was when the chicken feet and carcass totally dis-integrate into the soup and turns all collagen-ally milky white.

But for this time, I actually halved the time because I started off late in the day. Nevertheless, it was still good as a soup base. All I did was some light seasoning of the soup with a touch of shallot oil and salt and pepper to taste. Added some minced meat and lots of green vegetables and further topped with a beaten egg and fried ikan bilis. As simple as it gets but as delicious as it can !

I am a big eater of noodles so I really enjoyed anything relating to noodles. And this yee mee noodles is one of my favorites. In fact, it goes on very well with fish soup too. And with a ready home cooked stock, this meal is easily beefed up in less than 20 minutes. Just slightly longer than instant noodles but much healthier and no MSG !

19Nov, 2023
Fishball Mee Tak Bak (Silver Needle Noodles) Soup & Dry

With thanks to the folks at Mingfa, I got to churn out some delicious Fuzhou Fishballs and Sambal Shrimp Fishballs with Mee Tak Bak (Silver noodles) in soup and dry versions recently. Mingfa is our homegrown Fishballs noodles chain where you can find many of their stalls in our local hawker centres. And being established as it is, they even branched out selling their signature fishballs in supermarkets now. In case you are not sure what’s a Fuzhou fishball, it’s actually a fishball that contains minced meat fillings within. And recently you can also find the launch of their new product, being the Sambal Shrimp balls.

The Sambal Shrimp balls boost of a spicy and savory filling which will squint in your mouth, hence do eat them with caution especially when they are still piping hot !

Using a pre-cooked home based soup stock, the rest of the cooking is literally a breeze. With preserved vegetables 冬菜, garlic oil, salt, pepper and a twinge of shaoxing wine as light seasoning, the soup version is all good to go. And all this takes is a quick 15 minutes of cooking.

And if you prefer the dry version, you can make do with one that’s seeing the noodles tossed in a mixture of chili oil or sauce, tomato sauce, garlic or shallot oil, light soya sauce, sugar, pepper and a tablespoon or two of the soup. To some, an addition of a dash of black vinegar might be essential too. But I usually do not include that in as the pungent of vinegar isn’t exactly my favorite.

This might not exactly be the most authentic fishballs soup or dry recipe you’ve seen around but it’s definitely one of my home favorites to go. And all because it goes without MSG, I felt it’s way healthier and better. With the plus fact that the soup stock was churned entirely from my own kitchen, it makes the dish all the way more meaningful.

And if you are ever in need of some fishballs to complete this dish, you can jolly well find them from Mingfa which are also made available from selected Fairprice outlets at Tampines Mall / Sun Plaza / RIvervale Mall / Orchard Grand Court / Kallang Wave Mall and Fairprice online under “YumSing”.

Because their fishballs can be ideally frozen, hence you do need not worry about having to finish a huge pack of fishballs at one go too. Hope this local simplistic dish will appeal to you as much as I do !

19Nov, 2023
Chinese Stir Fry with Chicken & Vegetables in Mizkan Sesame Sauce

Very thankful and blessed to be working with Mizkan once again for the 3rd year running ! We have come a long way in collaborating with Mizkan in innovating several recipes with its sesame sauce but we have never gotten tired of it still ! Because that’s just so many dishes that can be paired with this savory and tasty sesame sauce from Japan.

Commonly used as a salad seasoning, Mizkan’s sesame sauce with roasted nuts boosts of a tantalizing and nutty flavor. My previous post here actually detailed a full listing of all the recipes that was attempted with Mizkan’s products. This time, I decide to pursue an easy Chinese stir fry with Chicken and Vegetables in Sesame sauce.

Our home-cooked Chinese stir fry often evolves around oyster sauce, light soya sauce or the least still, salt or chicken powder. That led me to wonder if we can ever attempt something out of the box and that’s how this recipe is borne. A Japanese sesame sauce that’s commonly used in Western salads is now being cooked in a Chinese home-cooked menu. How does that sound ?

Well for once, it’s pretty awesome to me ! Because it made an effortless one plate dish that comprises of healthy vegetables and chicken breast meat. I never used to like chicken breast meat but amazingly, it tastes really succulent in this dish ! I’ve also compiled a quick one-minute video on the cooking of this which is shared on my Instagram here.

Hope you like enjoy this dish just liked how I did ! And I actually finished up my bowl of rice entirely with this dish alone ! Have a great weekend !

19Nov, 2023
Olive Oil Sardines Egg Fried Rice 橄榄油沙丁鱼蛋炒饭

Recently my favorite sardines brand AYAM brand came out with a series of some new sardines flavors which I attempted to cook a fried rice with instead of just eating the sardines on its own and I thought it taste really good ! So here I am penning down the recipe for records. The particular sardine flavor which I used was the Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Chili which I even utilize the olive oil in the pack to stir fry the rice and it made the rice very fragrant indeed.

I have never seen anyone who disliked a fried rice thus far even though it’s something that’s relatively easy to whip up. Because it can also help to use up any leftover rice, fried rice is generally a very versatile dish on the menu which can be enjoyed by everyone, kids or adults alike. And the only way to improvise or enjoy a fried rice dish further, is to come up with different varieties or flavors of it. Hence my particular Olive Oil Sardines Egg Fried Rice is one new variation which I thought is pretty delicious.

Short grain rice or Japanese rice can enhance the taste and texture of the fried rice and I’ve also added red bell peppers, corns and scallions to the rice to increase the vegetable intake so that it makes an awesome one plate dish. It also gave the rice some extra colors so that it looks even more appetizing. And I have cooked extra of this rice too to go in a special lunch box which I will shared in a later post.

So for now, let’s enjoy this Olive Oil Sardines Egg Fried Rice first with the recipe as below !

19Nov, 2023
How to Make an Egg Crepe Rice Parcel for a Bento Box

Previously I’ve made an egg crepe rice parcel that sits beautifully on a plate and you can find the link here. And this time, I am attempting to fit it into a bento or lunch box which is kind of more challenging than the formal due to the smaller and non-roundish shape of the bento box.

But the good news is, I managed it successfully without the egg crepe breaking ! Generally this method should be able to apply to any bento box size and of course, it will be made easier if the lunchbox is a roundish shape without all the right angles at the corners. And instead of filling up the entire box with the egg crepe parcel with rice, which will be too much of the rice for me, I actually did half the box size and filled the other half with miscellaneous finger food.

The whole idea here is to make an egg crepe that wraps up a good fried rice which I attempted with a Olive Oil Sardines Egg Fried Rice in an earlier post here. The egg crepe must be able to cover the rice entirely when packed into the bento box and it must not tear or break in the midst of wrapping. So this definitely needs some caution there and then. And to allow that to happen, a little corn flour solution is added to the eggs mixture to give it some extra elasticity.

And because I only wanted to fill half of the bento box with rice, which fortunately my bento box comes with a divider and so I conveniently use that for the same purpose. Below step by step illustrations should help you better understand how to get this going. Took me quite a fair bit of time to get it sorted out so hope you will find it useful too !

Have fun ! And do let me know if you manage to prep a similar bento using this method too !

19Nov, 2023
Soft Boiled Eggs 半生熟鸡蛋 – Eat What Tonight

One of the common old school breakfast in Singapore is actually kaya toast and soft boiled eggs which is also one of my favorites-to-go breakfast. And for those who are keen to know how I manage to get to make my soft boiled eggs done each time, it does need some trials and errors nevertheless. After numerous attempts, somehow I’ve manage to come to a conclusion that using fresh eggs (non-chilled), immediate boiling water and an estimate of submerging the eggs in the pot I am using, for an approximate 6 minutes and 30 to 40 seconds yield the best results so far.

Oh ya, and not forgetting egg size should range around 55 grams per egg which will work ideally with this timing. Perhaps I have had this prepared countless times already, so the failure rate seems much lower now. And so every time when I replenish my eggs tray with newly bought eggs, I will make it a point to prepare some soft boiled eggs to go along with toast.

And so I am detailing out the requirements as below, hopefully it does help anyone who are looking to make some decent soft boiled eggs with minimum tools, just like how we see them being made at our local coffee house. This is also called 半生熟鸡蛋 in Mandarin which can also be translated as “half cooked eggs” and we as Asians typically enjoy them with a dollop of dark soya sauce and a pinch of pepper.

19Nov, 2023
Refreshing Jelly Creations with Singapore Breakfast Tea from T2 Tea

Glad to share that the renowned tea creators T2 Tea is serving up our very own Singapore style of Breakfast tea that reminisce the old school kaya toast that most of us can easily reconcile with. The tea is made up of a good mix of puerh, green tea, coconut and pandan flavors which boosts of a very distinctive pandan aroma even before the tea packaging is unwrapped !

T2 Tea originates from Melbourne, Australia. With much devotion and commitment in creating the best tea experience, they have since evolved much and have successfully brought their teas across the globe to several countries world wide including Singapore ! And that’s where the very Singapore style of Breakfast tea is specially curated to better fit the taste buds of the locals.

Now I really loved the fact that the tea itself smells heavenly even before it was brewed. The tea was infused with a rich and aromatic coconut and pandan flavor and yet very enjoyable on a pleasant and soothing palate. Essentially liked what it was advertised, it just literally felt liked sipping our kaya toast in a cup !

Given our warm humid weather in the sunny island recently and armed with the task of creating something interesting with T2 Tea, the idea of incorporating the tea in some refreshing jelly creations pretty much appeal. And so, here we go !!

The core of the jelly creations are made out of simply agar agar jelly powder, coconut milk, pandan leaves, sugar and T2 Tea. And to further make them more appealing and innovative, they are made into jelly cups, jelly “candies” and a jelly “cake” with alternate colors side by side which I will be presenting it here on how you can get that done, with a little more effort.

With these you probably would have realize too that whilst the usage of T2 Tea and its likes are not just confined to bakes or cakes, they can equally be served in lovely looking jelly products that doubles up as reinvigorating desserts during summer. So have fun jelly-ing !

19Nov, 2023
Spinach Tri Eggs Macaroni Soup 苋菜三蛋通心粉汤

Riding on the wave that a number of spinach soup stalls has sprouted up recently in our local hawker centers, I decide to cook this soup too ! Well although spinach is generally good for health as advertised, but based on what the old folks say, not everyone is suitable to consume spinach because too much of it tends to be too “cooling” for the body in the Asian context. And furthermore, with the addition of century eggs and salted eggs, I do wonder if it is really that healthy as advertised.

Nevertheless, I feel everything should still be consumed in moderation and that would be generally fine. It’s not as if you are gonna have all the eggs on an everyday basis. So this soup is still good in its own context. In fact, I think without all the century eggs and stuffs, it probably won’t stand out as much too. And pairing tri-eggs with spinach seem ideally compatible. And it’s the first time I am having macaroni this way, and I suppose it works pretty decently too !

You can use any soup base for this to your preference. Whilst some will probably prefer an ikan bilis soup base, I used a pork bones and chicken one instead. And with additions such as mushrooms, minced meat and slice pork to accompany the soup. So it’s literally a soup packed with alot of ingredients indeed.

The spinach tends to shrink quite a fair bit after cooking so don’t be intimidated by throwing one huge bunch of them to cook. I tend to remove the stems and pluck only the leaves from the spinach for cooking because some of the stems can get stringy and difficult to eat after cooking. And spinach are known to contain alot of sand, so be mindful to wash and rinse them a few times before cooking too.

This soup is really delicious and I will cook it again using an ikan bilis soup stock the next round !

19Nov, 2023
How to Make Dried Sole Fish Powder for Fish Soup

Managed to get my fish soup fix again with some freshly red grouper fish that comes all neatly sliced and this is with much thanks to 9sSeafood ! And for those who enjoy fish soup as often as me, the dried sole fish powder is the essence in every fish soup for that extra unami boost. ⁣⁣

⁣And for those who have been asking, here are some pictures of the dried sole fish which was bought. In Mandarin, we called it “干扁鱼”. It costs around S$5 per 100g from the dry goods stall in the wet market (not sure if supermarket does sell but so far never seen any).⁣⁣

And this could last you a long time because you probably just need a small dollop of it for each serving of fish soup.⁣⁣ You can toast or air fried the sole fish but the house will probably smell a lot during the toasting, so do remember to keep your windows and doors open !