20Nov, 2023
Easy Stir Fried Leek 简易蚝油炒蒜

Leek is one of my favourite vegetables but a pity it’s quite a seasonal vegetable in Singapore. We get to see leek most oftenly during Chinese New Year locally. And that’s the only time where the leek tastes the best too.

In Mandarin, leek is called 蒜,which has the same pronunciation as 算 which translate to “count” in English. So it has an auspicious meaning of counting money, which literally means fortune. 

It’s pretty simple to cook leek. You only need to take note to cut it diagonally and the best parts of it is actually the white parts of the leek which is the most fragrant. If you are a meat eater, you can stir fried it with some roast pork which will greatly enhance the dish.

If you are a vegan, a simple stir fried of it with some mushroom sauce and chilli padi makes it an all good to go. This current version is a simple stir fried with oyster sauce and chilli and it was already good enough for me. Had shared this previously in IG already, so here I am documenting it down on this blog.

Hopefully I can still find some nice good leeks available now even if it’s not the CNY now. Enjoy !


Easy Stir Fried Leek 简易蚝油炒蒜


Recipe type: Chinese

Cuisine: Main

  • 7-8 stalks of leek, sliced diagonally ⁣⁣⁣
  • 1 tbsp oil⁣⁣⁣
  • 1 tsp minced garlic⁣⁣⁣
  • 2 chilli padi, sliced⁣⁣⁣
  • ¾ tbsp oyster sauce⁣⁣⁣
  • 3 tbsp water⁣⁣⁣
  • Pinch of sugar⁣⁣⁣






20Nov, 2023
Easy Fluffy Scrambled Eggs – Eat What Tonight

Easy Fluffy Scrambled Eggs – Eat What Tonight

Many scrambled eggs uses milk to get that fluffiness and creamy texture. But I usually love mine without milk and this is great for those who are lactose intolerant too !

To achieve the same creamy and fluffiness, I usually beat the eggs with chopsticks till they turn slightly paler in yellow and cook it a few quick stirs with melted butter. It tastes marvelous good as well !

It’s really simple, so give it a go and let me know if you like it with or without the inclusion of milk then !


20Nov, 2023
Stir Fried Mee Sua (Wheat Vermicelli) 干炒面线

I think stir fried mee sua (wheat vermicelli) has to be the most challenging to cook of all stir fried noodles. Because of the texture of it, you gotta deep fry it before blanching the noodles and lastly stir frying it. Probably that’s the reason why this dish is only available at selected restaurants and I rarely seen anyone wanting to cook this at home too.

Most of us will probably go for the easier hong kong noodles which borne the most alike resemblance to this dish but is much easier to stir up instead. But since I practically enjoy all stir fried noodles, I told myself I ought to give this a shot. Conclusion is that it’s really tedious. I probably took more than an hour to prepare and cook this dish and only 15 minutes to finish it up. Ok, maybe I was taking my time too. But it does take sometime to get the oil to heat up and deep fry the noodles .

And there was a fair deal of cleaning up too. I had to use a wok to do the deep frying, another pot to blanch the noodles and had to quickly wash up the wok so that I could recycle it to stir fry the noodles at the last step.

Ask me if I would cook this again at home ? Hmm, I think I still will but only when the cravings are that strong and when I really have much time to spare. But nevertheless, the noodles taste and texture is something that’s uniquely delicious which it’s totally different from the stir fried Chinese noodles that we always had.

So yes, I would still wish to cook this again, one fine day. So presenting to you my very messy looking plate of yummy mee sua vermicelli noodles that was “painstakingly cooked”. LOL.

20Nov, 2023
Ginger & Chilli Stewed Chicken 辣姜焖鸡

Some of you asked me how many people do I usually cook for. Well it’s usually cooking for one or two servings the most. Probably many would find it cumbersome to just cook for one especially since it seriously doesn’t make economical sense to do so. Even buying groceries such as a pack of vegetables would probably take you a couple of days before you manage to clear it. I don’t deny that fact though. But I got so tired of dining out or packed away food that somehow despite the extra effort, I would want to try to cook my own meals as much as possible. Though sometimes this effort might prove fruitless on work days, but I would definitely make it a point to prepare some home-cooked meals over the weekends.

And also because weekends is the only time when I can seriously enjoy the little space I had of my own and be indulge in whatever I wanna do on my own me-time for liked a straight 24 hours. Waking up late, binge drama watching, snacking non-stop, couching like a Garfield and taking my time to prepare some piping hot meals for myself. Especially after I went through a cancer surgery 3 months back, this somehow give me the realization that I ought to do lead my life happily and do what I just want to do. Because you never know what’s going to happen next.

So I prepped this easy Ginger and Chilli Stewed Chicken earlier and served it on with some plain congee. Typically like a chinese Teochew mui dish, and adding on with some egg rolls and green vegetables. It was simple and yet satisfyingly delicious. Hope this little recipe will inspire you to make that extra little effort to cook for yourself.

Happy weekends !

20Nov, 2023
Macaroni Soup with Ham 火腿通心粉汤

Cooked Macaroni soup with Ham for a quick dinner over the weekend. This dish is really nostalgic locally because it’s something that most of us have had when we were kids. But somehow as we grew older, we don’t seem to fancy this dish that much anymore but it still remains as a core breakfast staple in the hearts of the people in Hong Kong.

And since I have some macaroni to clear, thought it’s time I re-kindle myself back with this dish. Instead of ham, you could also opt for shredded chicken breast meat which would be equally great and perhaps healthier too. But the ham added some savoriness to the soup which I thought made it more tasty.

Some of you asked me if I cooked my own chicken soup stock or whether I got those off from the shelves. Technically speaking, I have both. If I cooked my own soup stock, I would cook a huge batch of them and freeze the extra. But if I decide to do some last minute cooking and I simply do not have the time to thaw the soup, then I will use the store bought ones. The one which I’ve always used is from the Japanese brand Mizkan. They have a couple of different kinds of soup bases, and the ones which I used most commonly will be the pork and chicken.

So here’s sharing to sharing this really quick and fuss free Macaroni soup with ham recipe. And somehow while this dish reminds me of Hong Kong, I do hope that the situation there get better soon and I’ll be able to make a holiday trip there once again.

20Nov, 2023
Easy Pizza Toast – Eat What Tonight

If you have noticed my IG feed, you would have realized that I am actually quite a toast or sandwich lover. I love that slight crispy edges on toast alongside with overflowing warm melting cheese on it. So I’ve been enjoying my toasts with several kinds of toppings or fillings that range from ham, bacon, tuna, corns, egg to otah. Much of it are my favorites to go on toasts.

And one of the absolute must have on a good toast will be the cheese. I’ve been using The Laughing Cow cheese for sometime and I must say the cheesiness and melting effect of the cheese is excellent. Very often that not, I will be using the Cheese slices for most of my toasts which you can simply tear them into pieces and spread them all over if you are making an open top toast like the Pizza toast that I’m having right now.

The Laughing Cow carries an assorted range of Cheese slices that goes from toast, sandwich to burger and light variations, which is really awesome because you can decide on the kind of cheese necessary for whichever purposes. Because the different varieties also determine the varied melting levels of the cheese as the one for the toast might have extra melting effect than the type for a sandwich.

The next most commonly used cheese from The Laughing Cow series will be the 8 Portions cheese spread and that’s when I simply need a good spread on some non-toasted wholemeal bread. Creamy, light and ham are available in individual packaging while you can have an assorted of paprika, herbs and mushrooms in a single selection pack.

In addition to the above, The Laughing Cow also carries a wide range of other cheese products with their promotional price for the month of July 2019 as follows. #thelaughingcowsg #snackyorway

  • 8 Portions Assorted @ 2 for $6.65
  • Cheese Slice Assorted @ 2 for $5.45
  • Belcubes 15 cubes Assorted @ 2 for $6.75
  • Belcubes 24 cubes Assorted @ 1 for $5.25
  • Mini Babybel Assorted @ 2 for 9.45
  • Cheez Dippers @ 2 for $8.95
  • Kiri 6P Assorted @ 1 for $3.60

So here’s to sharing a super easy and yummy pizza toast that you can churn out in less than 15 minutes for your quick breakfast fix. And it tastes absolutely similar to a pizza or even better because I added much of that extra melting cheese to my own contentment !

20Nov, 2023
Laksa Lodeh – Eat What Tonight

Happened to see this recipe from the Dancing Chef cooking paste and decide to attempt it. The initial recipe was a Tempeh Laksa Lodeh, however I am not a fan of Tempeh so I had it conveniently modified to a Laksa Lodeh instead. And the pictures look very much like a curry vegetables or Lontong dish which I really liked, so I decided to cook it and see if they do taste similar.

Though it might not look impressive but surprisingly it was very good ! It’s more fragrant than Lontong and had a bit more punch than the usual curry vegetables. And I manage to polish up the rice just with this dish alone, making it quite a wholesome meatless meal for once again.

There was a good variety of cabbage, carrots, french beans and fried beancurd added to the Laksa Lodeh, basically utilizing whatever I could garner from the fridge. I finished the cooking of the dish with a pinch of grind toasted dried shrimps which I reckon made it extra aromatic.

Not sure if it works well with other brands of Laksa paste though, but it sure does with the Dancing Chef paste for this time. And for the month of August 2019, Dancing Chef will be having a promotion at all major supermarkets with the 100g paste going at 2 for $5 (usual price : $2.85 each).

So here’s to sharing my yummy Laksa Lodeh recipe ! Have a great TGIF eve !!

20Nov, 2023
Kaya Bread & Butter Pudding

In conjunction with Cold Storage Singapore, we whipped up a deliciously sweet pastry that brings on our local most favorite sweet kaya jam in a bread and butter pudding for National Day ! Cold Storage Singapore actually stocks a variety of recipes online for the various occasions and it’s quite the first time that I am being aware of that too !

With the long weekend over the Nation’s birthday, I guess most of us would be wanting to make use of the time to try out one or another recipe to serve up our families or guests. This sweet dessert might seem pretty unfriendly on its first look, but it’s actually not as bad as it seems. And you would surely get the hang of it as you proceed on.

While I don’t make my own bread and pudding often at home, but it’s certainly one of the must-have dessert if I were to dine at any international buffets. I have always loved that rich buttery bread being dunked in a sweet pudding infused with warm custard sauce. I was also taken aback when I had my first ever bread and butter pudding previously. For someone who never fancy any warm desserts, this was indeed quite the exceptional.

The encumbrance of the favorite kaya jam further tempts me into wanting to whip up this dessert more. And so with all the ready ingredients from Cold Storage Singapore, I am all good to make this dessert a sweet treat for the holiday break. Here you go !