“Ah Kun” Style Kaya Butter Toasts

Those who reside in Singapore should be familiarize with “Ah Kun 亚坤” which boost of an old school Kaya Butter Toasts and local coffee chain of food stores that you can literally find in every estate. I’ve always been a huge fan of such toasts since Kaya jam is probably the only kind of jam that I’ve ever liked. The “Ah Kun” style of Kaya Butter toasts is made up of 2 thinly sliced old school Hainanese loaf bread before sandwiching with cold butter and kaya jam.

So technically, this isn’t much of any recipe to share. However attempts to duplicate such toasts at home might prove some difficulties as if you would have realize, the loaf bread that Ah Kun uses in their store are generally thicker than those found in the bakeries and supermarkets. So it makes slicing of the bread easier. In fact, I’ve attempted on several occasions on using store bought Hainanese bread to slice them thinly but it never works out well simply because 1) the thickness is not thick enough to be given a clean slice 2) the bread is too soft and has too much crumbs after slicing.

Of course, you may say another way is to make your own bread and sliced them to your desired thickness. But I guess I’ve pretty much found the way to making thin and crisp Kaya Butter Toasts at home without too much effort is by using a Press Griller. Then it suddenly dawned on you that the Press Griller can be used in such way other than for grilling too ! So here’s a quick video to demonstrate how to achieve that so desired crispy and warm Kaya Butter Toasts at home but with minimal efforts.