Assorted Mushrooms & Shrimps Stewed Rice 杂菇虾仁烩饭

Another easy one-plate meal ! Ideal for weekday nights dinner now because it’s back to the office regime once more. Everywhere is just crowded to begin with and still trying very much to get used to the alarm every morning now. At the end of the day after the commute journey, I just felt liked knocking out ! LOL. So my “more effort” cooking has been very much confined to weekends nowadays only.

For weekdays, such one-plate meal of everything is excellent when I just need to put everything together and enjoy a satisfying meal without too much hassle and cleaning up. Instead of packing in or food delivery, such home-cooked meals are definitely healthier and will also help to save money.

This dish is simple and yet taste really delicious. The assortment of mushrooms, vegetables and shrimps along with the sauce blend in perfectly together and mixing them into rice just packs a good satisfying meal that you probably just wished you had prepared more !