11Nov, 2023
Chicken Mee Goreng – Eat What Tonight

Chicken Mee Goreng – Eat What Tonight

I preferred my Mee Goreng slightly moist which is how this one turns out to be liked. No colouring MSG was added, so it’s probably as wholesome as it can. Nevertheless the taste was still awesome and for this, I would recommend using Maggi brand of tomato and chilli sauce as they bring out the essence of the Mee Goreng noodles much better.

Chicken can simply be replaced by seafood or even eliminated. The yellow noodles I had was chilled and hence the extra step to blanch them in boiling water to loosen them. But if you are having noodles that are freshly purchased, this step can be skipped and noodles can be used without blanching. This recipe is straightforward and easy and requires minimal preparation effort.

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