16Nov, 2023
Chinese Style Steamed Egg 中式蒸滑水蛋

Chinese Style Steamed Egg 中式蒸滑水蛋 – Eat What Tonight

Think I am always a bit late in recording my recipes here. But generally I still prefer to pen down my recipes in this blog which you maybe surprised, I do refer to them more often that you could imagine. Because I do find it easier to search for my past recipes from this website than Instagram. And I could record more specific details and steps in the blog than any other platforms too.

I reckon I had made these steamed egg countless times so I guess this is quite an almost fool proof recipe (for me) already. It’s actually not too difficult if you get the ratio and steps right. And generally success rate will be high even for a first attempt. And even if you failed, it’s perfectly fine too because it will still taste as good albeit the un-smooth texture only.

Just remember the key aspect ratio of egg : water will be 1:2 and also sharing some tips in the notes section below the recipe for extra caution. Hope they will be useful to you !

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