Dry Mee Siam – Eat What Tonight

We often had the Mee Siam in its thick sourish, spicy gravy which makes it really appetising. You can find my cooked-from-scratch recipe here. Nevertheless, that’s also this dry version which comes without any gravy but instead having the Mee Siam flavours embedded in the stir-fry vermicelli itself. In the same sourish and spicy taste, but without any sauce and likened it to a similar dry-fried noodles instead.

An instant Mee Siam paste is used for this to cut some slack and speed up the process. And with an abundance of beansprouts and vegetables, it makes a very delish and appetising dish. What’s more the spice level can also be adjusted according to preferences and you are also free to top it up with any optional ingredients that you would like to serve it with.

Hope the sourish cum spicy-ness of the Dry Mee Siam can whet up your appetite and kick-start your day to enjoy this dish as a breakfast, lunch or even dinner option.