Egg Fried Rice with Burger Patty Onigirazu

Made this rather fusion Onigirazu recently which comprises of an Asian Egg fried rice which you can get the recipe here with a store bought chicken burger patty sandwiched between an egg omelette and blanched spinach. In reality, I was trying to utilize the burger patty which has been sitting around and having no burger buns on hand, I tried to think out of the box and came out of this idea.

The combination looks really awesome, isn’t it ? Is liked having an Asian rice paired with a Western burger patty and sandwiching them together to form a Japanese style Onigirazu. Ohhhhh, not forgetting to mention I was using a Korean seaweed to encase everything. So doesn’t that make this little creation a blend of 4 countries fusion food ? LOL.

So to clarify in a bit, this post is not exactly a real recipe but more of an idea sharing for unique food creations since the burger patty was a store bought one too. So if you have extra burger patties next time and running out of burger buns and not wanting to just enjoy them plainly as they are, you can give this a try and see if it fancy you too !