Festive Meatballs in Cream Sauce

Prepped up a Christmas recipe using my new cookware from Modori ! And it’s none other than the new Goodle Collection which comes in a 24cm frying pan, an 18cm sauce pan, a 28-cm wok and a square or rather rectangular egg pan. Wholly made in Korea, this new series of cookware from Modori comes in a sleek black colour with wooden handles and cover knobs.

So I started off the usage with the 24cm frying pan as it looks really presentable serving these meatballs in cream sauce with the pan itself, saving the hassle of plating. Some personal opinions of what I so liked about this Goodle Cookware is that first, I don’t need to feel “heartache” over burnt gas marks on my pots and pans anymore. Since I am using a gas stove for cooking most of the times, burnt gas marks are always an inevitable issue on pots and pans, no matter how hard I try to maintain them. And since these new cookware are entirely in matt black, the problem of gas burnt marks cease to exist and I can keep my beautiful pots and pans for a much longer period of time staying well as they originally were.

Secondly, food colour stains especially when you cook curries often is another hassle. I guess the black colour serves well to conceal away all such unsightly stains as well. I also heard from many people being concerned about cookware with wooden handles having a hole and that water will eventually corrode the wood which I guess is true to a certain extent but I’m glad that the Goodle cookware will not have this issue as the “hole” in the handle is entirely concealed.

Another concern I do have are the rivets on cookware, be it on the lid of the pot or the cooking pan itself. If you used a pan or wok long enough, it is apparent that oil stains or dirt will appear around the rivets which sometimes might be difficult to clean away, especially those on the lids of the pots and pans itself. So imagine when you use the lid to cover the pot again during cooking, the steam vapour will just fall back onto the food itself, which make it really unhygienic. The Goodle cookware is entirely rivet-less which makes it another plus point to own.

And if you may ask, out of the 4 cookware my most commonly used thus far has been the frying pan and saucepan. The frying pan makes good for cooking everyday dishes whilst the saucepan is ideal for soupy dishes. And if I need to cook vegetables or a larger serving of food, the 28cm wok is easy to maneuver around.

Aesthetically wise, they sit beautifully on the stovetop as well and for technical aspects of the cookware you can find them easily over on Modori website here. So far, the heat retention and non-stick coating has been excellent and stains can be easily washed away without much effort too.

With that, it’s time to hop onto the recipe for the day. Other than indulging the meatballs in the cream sauce, the sauce itself is good for pasta too.