10Nov, 2023
Fish Fillets in Spicy Garlic Sauce

Fish Fillets in Spicy Garlic Sauce – Eat What Tonight

The official 2 days of the CNY is over in a blink of the eyes and with much of the hotpot ingredients leftover, I decide to use one of the item – the fish slices to come up with this Fish Fillets in Spicy Garlic Sauce. It has a very nice aroma with the use of garlics, chilies, curry leaves and evaporated milk incorporated in the sauce. What’s more the leftover fish slices are well marinated and deep fried prior to use which makes them very succulent.

Ingredietnts used

You can use any type of white fish slices for this whilst I work on white snapper fish slices that I had for the hotpot previously. You may be keen to ask if air-frying is possible instead of deep fry but generally deep frying will get the corn flour coated fish slices a more golden brown texture and colour than air-frying in this case. Hope this recipe can help to clear up some of your freezer or chiller space to use up all the leftover CNY ingredients so as not to waste any food.

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