Fried Egg with Braised Minced Sauce

Another easier homecooked which you can whip effortlessly in minutes in this Fried Egg with Braised Minced Sauce. Eggs is quite a staple in almost most of my meals so I try to innovate ideas on how to cook eggs with different recipes so that it doesn’t get too boring just by having fried eggs itself. With a little addition of this braised sauce, the eggs dish became really delicious and savoury and it was easily polished simply with rice.

Whilst I try to work on a more minimalist diet to reduce food waste, this dish definitely fits the purpose well as both the eggs and minced are common ingredients found easily in my fridge, the rest are the usual seasoning in most Chinese household pantries, so inevitably fulfilling the idea of a minimal yet satisfying meal. And if you are on a vegetarian diet, you can replace the meat based minced with plant based one and I am sure it will be equally good as well.

As I always say cooking unlike baking doesn’t require much skills but just need a good recipe, so I’m penning down this one good recipe here for records.