Golden Egg Tofu with Minced, Carrots and Mushrooms

This is an excellent dish to go along with rice ! As the name implies, it comprises of almost everything that you need in a one-plate meal so you literally don’t need anymore other dishes for the meal. The most tedious part is the pan-frying of tofu as tofu has a high water content, hence they tend to have oil splatters whenever frying. It is highly recommended to use egg tofu in tube form as they have lesser water content and to pat them dry with some paper towels before pan-frying.

On my records, there are quite a fair bit of backlog to share and I really hope to make use of this platform to pen down everything as quickly as I can so there will be frequent updates on the blog now. Personally I also use this blog to keep my diary of recipes and do a search whenever I have a craving for some food and see if I ever had the recipe recorded before. Most of the time I would remember what kind of food I’ve cooked before but I don’t remember the exact ingredients, so this blog has been really helpful to me as well. And since it’s a public platform, I also hope my sharing here can be beneficial to some of you out there.

Now that the world is gradually opening up, it’s also time to check out my bucket list which has been pending for more than 2 years !! Looking forward to all the planned trips to come and hopefully I will be able to share my travel and food journey soon too ! In the meantime, do enjoy this dish !!