Herbal Steamed Fish – Eat What Tonight

One of my ways to beat inflation is to find more economical substitutes for the food I love and yet not comprising in taste. So for this dish, instead of using the more pricey Cod Fish, I had it substituted with the Green Halibut Fish. The fish meat is very tender and tasty too after steaming and I think next time I will probably try other ways of cooking this fish and see if they yield the same results as Cod Fish.

My initial intention was to cook up a herbal soup but since the fish was on hand so I combined the both and came up with this Herbal Steamed Fish where I can use the sauce as the gravy for the rice too and enjoy the fish at the same time. So it kind of kills 2 birds with 1 stone with a single dish.

On a side note, I can’t wait for June to be over so that I can kickstart the second half of the year soon ! So much in plans for the balance half year and I really can’t wait (can you sense my excitement here?! Haha) !! In the meantime, let’s enjoy this healthy and tasty herbal steamed fish for now !!