14Nov, 2023
Honey Garlic Chicken – Eat What Tonight

Honey Garlic Chicken – Eat What Tonight

Prepped this Honey Garlic Chicken last weekend and usually when I cooked such dishes, I will make it a point to cook extra servings of it to be frozen which can be easily reheated during weekdays for a quick meal. The gist of this dish lies in a good oyster sauce used which I’ve always relied on the Lee Kum Kee premium oyster sauce which has served me well thus far. And I guess you can see this often in my step by step cooking too so far.

This Honey Garlic Chicken is a pretty fuss-free dish, requiring minimal effort and yet yield a very tasty and delicious chicken meal at the end of the day. Shall cut the story short today and let the cooking steps take you through this dish that will make you salivate with hunger. 🙂

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