11Nov, 2023
Meatballs “Money Bags” – Eat What Tonight

Meatballs “Money Bags” – Eat What Tonight

Wanted to share this before the Chinese New Year as they look really auspicious as a dish for the festive. Not exactly a recipe to begin with as all the ingredients are ready-made but the creativity of putting them all together makes it a really delightful dish for sharing especially during the reunion dinner.

For this, I used Lion Dance brand Bao Xin Wan meatballs which has a juicy meat center filling before wrapping in popiah skin and tying them with pandan leaf knots before deep frying to a crispy golden brown hue.

All it takes are just 4 simple ingredients to make these auspicious looking “money bags”. It’s crispy on the outside, chewy on the interior and finally biting into a juicy and savoury center filling which turns out to be surprisingly good. You can always replace the meatballs with the normal ones without any filling which I believe will turn out to be equally awesome as well. But for this, I do strongly recommend these ones with a center filling as you can literally have the 3 layers of texture all in a single “money bag”. Believed this will be a hit with the kids as well as it looks tempting and delicious enough to entice the little ones.

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