8Nov, 2023
Potato & Onion Rosti 马铃薯洋葱煎饼

Potato & Onion Rosti 马铃薯洋葱煎饼 – Eat What Tonight

Only 5 ingredients (excluding the cooking oil) needed to make this absolutely delicious Rosti ! Crispy and fragrant on the outside with tender potato shreds within. The gist of this rosti is to shred the potato till thin fine shreds which I’ve done it with the help of a food processor and ensure that most of the water is squeezed out from the potatoes. Then ensure that the oil is hot enough before dipping in each potato rosti. I made mini ones so that it’s easier to get it to crispiness faster and once the Rosti are sitting in the oil, do not move them till they are browned on the sides.

Adding some thinly sliced onions help to bring out the flavors and can enhance the crispiness too. Think of it as our fried shallots which is fragrant and crispy after frying hence the same can be applied when making these Rosti. Just that we are not using shallots in this case as the potatoes will take longer to be fried till browned due to the moisture content and the shallots will get burnt by then. So sliced onions is a good alternative in this case.

I find this recipe is much simpler and easier to follow through and yield pretty good Rosti results so hope it’s beneficial for anyone who wanna try this out too.

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