8Nov, 2023
Seafood Longevity Noodles 海鲜长寿面 – Eat What Tonight

Seafood Longevity Noodles 海鲜长寿面 – Eat What Tonight

Ways to use up some of the shrimps and scallops from CNY is to utilize them all in a quick and easy noodles stir-fry ! This is definitely one of my noodles to go of which I can had two, three or even more helpings of it within a day and still will not get tired of it.

The Yee Fu Noodles used in this recipe which boosts a soft slurpy texture is savoury and flavorful which I generally preferred over the traditional yellow noodles. It is also commonly used in clay pot noodles and fish soups dishes. The reason why we called it longevity noodles is because Chinese tend to cook or order this dish often during the festive or celebration periods as the long strands of noodles symbolizes longevity.

This can also be made into a vegetarian option with the elimination of seafood and use of vegetarian mushroom sauce instead of oyster sauce.

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