Soft Boiled Eggs 半生熟鸡蛋 – Eat What Tonight

One of the common old school breakfast in Singapore is actually kaya toast and soft boiled eggs which is also one of my favorites-to-go breakfast. And for those who are keen to know how I manage to get to make my soft boiled eggs done each time, it does need some trials and errors nevertheless. After numerous attempts, somehow I’ve manage to come to a conclusion that using fresh eggs (non-chilled), immediate boiling water and an estimate of submerging the eggs in the pot I am using, for an approximate 6 minutes and 30 to 40 seconds yield the best results so far.

Oh ya, and not forgetting egg size should range around 55 grams per egg which will work ideally with this timing. Perhaps I have had this prepared countless times already, so the failure rate seems much lower now. And so every time when I replenish my eggs tray with newly bought eggs, I will make it a point to prepare some soft boiled eggs to go along with toast.

And so I am detailing out the requirements as below, hopefully it does help anyone who are looking to make some decent soft boiled eggs with minimum tools, just like how we see them being made at our local coffee house. This is also called 半生熟鸡蛋 in Mandarin which can also be translated as “half cooked eggs” and we as Asians typically enjoy them with a dollop of dark soya sauce and a pinch of pepper.