Steamed Black Beans Pork Ribs with Rice 黑豆豉蒸排骨饭

Have not introduced a steamed dish for quite awhile already, so finally it’s time to post this after running through my long list of archives recipes to share. Usually served as a dim-sum dish for the steamed black beans pork ribs, but today I had the rice steamed from scratch instead of using the rice cooker before adding the black bean pork ribs onto the rice and steaming it further in the bamboo steamer.

The challenge of this dish actually lies in the rice as it can be difficult to gauge the amount of water needed to steam the rice. Too much of it, you get a sticky rice which will prove even harder to eat when the sauce of the pork ribs sips into the rice and too little of it, you get a hard and dry texture which people will often deem as uncooked rice. So tried and tested, this recipe serves the right texture of rice along with the ribs and fitted with the right serving portion to fit a standard 15cm bamboo steamer size as well.