9Nov, 2023
Steamed Egg with Tofu and Braised Minced Meat

Steamed Egg with Tofu and Braised Minced Meat – Eat What Tonight

A delicious dish made up of steamed egg with egg tofu before drizzling with braised minced meat in a savoury sauce ! Just this dish alone is enough to whet up anyone’s appetite accompanied simply with a bowl of rice. The gist of a smooth and silky steamed egg is to make sure the egg mixture is filtered through a sieve several times to get rid of the air bubbles and egg white membrane before covering it with a heat-proof wrap to prevent steam droplets from falling onto it and lastly steaming it on a medium-low heat.

The addition of the tofu to the steamed egg this time gives it a more tender texture as well. Noticed that I never add any extra seasoning to the steamed egg this time because I prepped more of the braised sauce to coat the entire steamed egg such that every spoonful of it will get you the sauce which essentially make up for any seasoning required.

My tummy is growling as I am penning down this recipe and salivating at the pictures. Happy TGIF eve !!

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