Steamed Tofu with Century Egg and Meat Floss

A simple and healthy dish that packs a punch. The tofu is steamed with century egg before topping with a savoury sauce and drizzle with meat floss and garnish with colours using green spring onions and red wolfberries. There’s also another way to enjoy this dish is to skip the steaming of the tofu and simply just drizzle the hot sauce over if you don’t mind to enjoy the tofu as it is.

But since I prefer the dish warm, so I did the extra step of steaming the tofu with century egg first. The white, black, brown, red and green combi actually makes it a very striking dish that looks really as good as it tastes. Even though I had this as one of my main dish but if you ever need a fulfilling in-between meals dish, this makes an ideal one too which you can have it on its own without further accompaniments.