Stir Fry Kway Teow Mee (Flat Rice Noodles & Yellow Noodles) 干炒粿条面

Kway teow mee is a commonly known food term locally which translates to flat rice noodles and yellow noodles. And recently I did a delicious stir fry of the both together which was also packed with beansprouts, pork slices and green vegetables. Unlike the local char kway teow, this homecooked version is more down to earth, healthier and more subtle yet tasty on a different note.

And whilst we all know fish sauce is quite a must in most noodles stir fry, but often it is mistakenly used during the cooking process instead. To maximize the effectiveness of fish sauce and bring out the flavor of the dish, it is best to add a dash of fish sauce only at the end of the cooking just before removing from heat. As fish sauce tends to be on a salty basis, hence a dash of it is more than enough. But some people might not like the smell of it on the first instant because it has a real fishy smell which might not be tolerable to all.

However it works miracle when added to a good flat rice noodles stir fry and is quite essential if you want to bring out the flavors of the dish fully. And another must-have will be the sweet soya sauce or commonly known as the kecap manis. This particular ABC brand is by far the most reliable I’ve used in terms of richness texture and works well in this stir fry. Other brands in comparison are often too watery or too light for the preferences.

This little home-cooked is really easy to whip up and I think the time I spent at the wet market in queuing to buy these noodles are probably far longer than the amount of time I’ve spent preparing and cooking this dish. Mainly also that’s only one such particular stall in the wet market near me that sells such stuffs so the queue was unusually time consuming.

Hope you will like this dish as much as I do ! And glad that most food and retail business will get to resume tomorrow but please don’t rush for it okay ! We have the rest of our time from tomorrow till forever to enjoy whatever we have. 🙂