Shanghai Style Fried Udon Noodles 上海乌冬炒面

Easy and delicious Shanghai style fried udon noodles ! Even Mama gives the thumbs up for this, except that she said I had added in too much meat as compared to the noodles and vegetables ! She’s not much of a meat eater, that’s why ! I had wanted to clear off the pork belly sitting around in the fridge and I wasn’t expecting her to wanna eat the noodles also, hence the customized version was originally intended for myself only.

Nevertheless glad that she liked it too and that proves that the recipe is a keeper. I will definitely try to make it a wholesome vegan version next time round should I have all the ingredients on hand once again.

While I don’t really have any specific brands of Udon noodles to recommend but I find that the chilled ones from Don Don Donki has a seemingly more chewy texture than the non-chilled ones found in local supermarkets which I better preferred and stir frying the noodles this way make it even better. So hopefully I can find both the tummy and fridge space to prep this dish again soon – gonna go on diet soon from all the eating !!