Stir Fried Mee Sua (Wheat Vermicelli) 干炒面线

I think stir fried mee sua (wheat vermicelli) has to be the most challenging to cook of all stir fried noodles. Because of the texture of it, you gotta deep fry it before blanching the noodles and lastly stir frying it. Probably that’s the reason why this dish is only available at selected restaurants and I rarely seen anyone wanting to cook this at home too.

Most of us will probably go for the easier hong kong noodles which borne the most alike resemblance to this dish but is much easier to stir up instead. But since I practically enjoy all stir fried noodles, I told myself I ought to give this a shot. Conclusion is that it’s really tedious. I probably took more than an hour to prepare and cook this dish and only 15 minutes to finish it up. Ok, maybe I was taking my time too. But it does take sometime to get the oil to heat up and deep fry the noodles .

And there was a fair deal of cleaning up too. I had to use a wok to do the deep frying, another pot to blanch the noodles and had to quickly wash up the wok so that I could recycle it to stir fry the noodles at the last step.

Ask me if I would cook this again at home ? Hmm, I think I still will but only when the cravings are that strong and when I really have much time to spare. But nevertheless, the noodles taste and texture is something that’s uniquely delicious which it’s totally different from the stir fried Chinese noodles that we always had.

So yes, I would still wish to cook this again, one fine day. So presenting to you my very messy looking plate of yummy mee sua vermicelli noodles that was “painstakingly cooked”. LOL.