Easy Banana Cake 简易烘焙香蕉蛋糕 – Eat What Tonight

I was never a huge fan of banana cakes or the liked, especially when everyone was going all gaga over the famous charcoal baked Banana cake across the Causeway which honestly speaking was really good even to someone who doesn’t fancy such cakes. But since the pandemic had kept everyone within their own borders, so I guess the next best alternative is to roll up your sleeves and baked one for yourself, especially when strong random cravings liked such just come and you have had to get it fixed.

Using overripe bananas is always the way to go for such cakes and though we couldn’t achieve that charcoal baked fragrance from our home oven, but it was still quite one of the best that I had, simply because I knew there was no essence being used and the aroma and sweetness of the bananas were just so well infused into the cake.

The Banana Cake was kept overnight in the fridge and reheat slightly in the microwave before consuming the next day and it was marvellous. So I guess the best way to enjoy such cakes is to allow all the flavours to be infused completely into the cake by cooling it overnight and enjoy them the following day. So hopefully this little bake of mine can inspire you to try baking your own Banana Cake at home too !