Asian Pulled Pork – Eat What Tonight

This Asian pull pork dish is simply delicious ! Had it cooked over the stovetop and I must say the flavors is well infused into every pork shreds and all was just tenderly moist and flavorful. It was served on plain rice and yet already taste awesomely good. I noticed that many of you actually had this served on a burger or sandwich and I would reckon that this will be equally good too if not better ! But I had some reserved to cook with fried noodles instead the day after, so we shall see how well it goes on with the noodles then !

The reason why I choose to cook this over the stove top instead of the pressure or slow cooker is that I believed this method will enable the flavors from the seasoning to go right into the meat more thoroughly since a longer cooking time is desired and the seasoning sauce will be slowly drained and reduced which would otherwise be well absorbed by the pork. This is something that probably the pressure or slow cooker is unable to achieve as usually the use of these cookers generally does not reduce the amount of the sauce to be well absorbed into the meat for the thorough flavors. Though there’s always the advantage of using the cookers is that you do not have to worry about the sauce being drained or burnt out, saving the hassle of keeping tab on the fire.

In any case, this Asian Pull Pork recipe is certainly a keeper and am sure I would be cooking this up soon again to prep it for my sandwich days. And to realize that a huge slab of pork collar meat used for this is actually reduced to a 1 to 1.5 pax serving after cooking. So please be sure to prep up more meat if you are cooking for a huge household. Also if you are sourcing for the right cuts of pork meat too, pork collar works the best for me (and in most cases too) as it contains a good amount of fats and lean meat which would not render the meat too dry nor too oily which is essentially the right cut for me.

Hope you will enjoy this dish as much as I do too !