How to Make an Egg Crepe Rice Parcel for a Bento Box

Previously I’ve made an egg crepe rice parcel that sits beautifully on a plate and you can find the link here. And this time, I am attempting to fit it into a bento or lunch box which is kind of more challenging than the formal due to the smaller and non-roundish shape of the bento box.

But the good news is, I managed it successfully without the egg crepe breaking ! Generally this method should be able to apply to any bento box size and of course, it will be made easier if the lunchbox is a roundish shape without all the right angles at the corners. And instead of filling up the entire box with the egg crepe parcel with rice, which will be too much of the rice for me, I actually did half the box size and filled the other half with miscellaneous finger food.

The whole idea here is to make an egg crepe that wraps up a good fried rice which I attempted with a Olive Oil Sardines Egg Fried Rice in an earlier post here. The egg crepe must be able to cover the rice entirely when packed into the bento box and it must not tear or break in the midst of wrapping. So this definitely needs some caution there and then. And to allow that to happen, a little corn flour solution is added to the eggs mixture to give it some extra elasticity.

And because I only wanted to fill half of the bento box with rice, which fortunately my bento box comes with a divider and so I conveniently use that for the same purpose. Below step by step illustrations should help you better understand how to get this going. Took me quite a fair bit of time to get it sorted out so hope you will find it useful too !

Have fun ! And do let me know if you manage to prep a similar bento using this method too !