9Des, 2023
Braised Pig Trotters with Eggs 猪脚卤蛋 – Eat What Tonight

Braised Pig Trotters with Eggs 猪脚卤蛋 – Eat What Tonight

Braised Pig Trotters_3

I am back after finally a week’s break from the kitchen ! The kitchen is ready to fiery up once more !! Hehehe. So let’s begin from where I left off previously. Here’s the braised pig trotters and eggs from last week. Though it’s a sinful dish, but the collagen beneath the pig’s trotters is good for the skin. And with rock sugar and huatiao wine, this dish is really slurpy-licious ! I actually had an extra helping of the rice with this dish alone ! 

Braised Pig Trotters_4

And the longer you simmered the pig trotters, the more tender and delicious it is ! And it’s best at the stage where the meat is almost falling off the bones ! Even the gravy alone is good enough for any plain rice or congee !!

Braised Pig Trotters_2

And if you need pig trotters anytime, do get them fresh from PurelyFresh where they come in ready-to-cook servings which has been appropriately cut into pieces !

Braised Pig Trotters_7

Enjoy ! 

Braised Pig Trotters_1

Braised Pig Trotters with Eggs 猪脚卤蛋


Total time


Recipe type: Chinese

Cuisine: Main

  • 1 kg pig trotters, cut into pieces
  • 3 shitake mushrooms, cut into halves (optional)
  • 4-5 slices ginger
  • 3 whole garlics
  • 2 bunches spring onion, sectioned
  • 3 shallots
  • 3 hard boiled eggs
  • 1.2L water
  • 2 tbsp light soya sauce
  • 2 tbsp dark soya sauce
  • 1½ tbsp oyster sauce
  • 1 tbsp sweet soya sauce
  • 25g rock sugar cubes
  • ½ tsp pepper
  • 2 tbsp Shaoxing huatiao wine
  • 1 tbsp pork lard oil




7Des, 2023
Braised Pork Belly 红烧三层肉 – Eat What Tonight

Braised Pork Belly_3

It’s not often that I cooked pork belly, because it’s kind of too fattening for my liking. But once in a blue moon, when I decide to be ultra sinful for the day, I will go all way out ! And poultry such as pork belly is particularly succulent when they are braised. Other than the long braising time to allow the pork belly to turn tender, this dish is quite straightforward and fuss-free. 

Braised Pork Belly_1

And I realised some distinct “trademarks” in braised dishes recently. The use of rock sugar and sweet soya sauce not only make the dish more appetising, the sweetness from the sauce is also much more fragrant as compared to just using normal fine sugar. 

Braised Pork Belly_5

Braised pork belly and its sauce goes very well with plain white rice. In fact, this is a very well-liked dish by the typical hokkiens dialect especially the older generations. My dad, in particular, is very fond of this dish. 

Braised Pork Belly_4

As a pure hokkien, I can say that most hokkien dishes are generally sinfully delicious in nature. Pork bellies and pork fats are a common sight in hokkien cooking. But it’s also the “fats” that bring out the real aroma and flavours of the fare. Love-hate relationship as it may seem, but eventually at the end of the day, you will just heck care and devour them all because they are simply irresistible after the first mouthful. 

Braised Pork Belly_6

Grab some fresh pork bellies from PurelyFresh online for this Hokkien’s favourite today !

Braised Pork Belly 红烧三层肉


Total time


Recipe type: Main

Cuisine: Chinese

  • 350g pork belly
  • 5 slices ginger
  • 3 cloves whole garlic, slightly crushed
  • 5 stalks spring onion, cut into sections
  • 35g rock sugar
  • 1 tbsp light soya sauce
  • 1½ tbsp dark soya sauce
  • 1 tbsp huatiao wine
  • 1½ tbsp sweet soya sauce (kecap manis – I used ABC brand)
  • enough water to cover the pork belly




6Des, 2023
Braised Fish in Spicy Black Bean Sauce 辣黑豆豉焖鱼 – Eat What Tonight

Braised Fish in Black Bean_1

I think I grew up on almost 99% of Chinese food in entirety as my old folks are the typical Asian family kinda. Perhaps that’s why I have quite a penchant for such foods as well and it is only when I started to work, I am being exposed to a greater variety of other cuisines. But nevertheless, I still enjoyed Chinese foods as my all time favourite home cooked dishes anytime. I can never get tired of them as there can just be as much variety and choices in Chinese cooking.

Braised Fish in Black Bean_4

If you were to just look at our local chap chai peng (mixed vegetables)  or zhi char stalls, the numerous choices displayed is liked almost limitless. Even if you are going to have the same kind of foods everyday for a few months, but the extensive menu will still allow you to get a different choice on every setting. And having said that, today I am sharing a Braised Fish in Spicy Black Bean Sauce which is a very homely food that I really enjoyed !!

Braised Fish in Black Bean_3

Black bean or soya bean paste is a common sight in the family cooking as the parents will usually prepare fish that’s steamed in bean paste and it is as good as it can get. And with that, everyone just need some plain rice to go along and together with some greens, that will easily make one contented comfort meal.

Braised Fish in Black Bean_6

Hence today, I decide to rejuvenate this recipe with a slight twist. I pan-fried the fish slightly before cooking them in the black beans and adding a touch of spicy bean paste for that extra kick. So you can get a tad of grilled, braised, savoury and spiciness in this comfort dish. It may sounds a lot to that, but it’s really quite an effortless dish. 简易的家常小煮就是我的座右铭 !

Braised Fish in Black Bean_2

Enjoy !! And do get your fresh mackerel fish and groceries from PurelyFresh online to serve up this comforting home-cooked dish !! 

Braised Fish in Black Bean_5

Braised Fish in Spicy Black Bean Sauce 辣黑豆豉焖鱼


Recipe type: Main

Cuisine: Chinese

  • 300g mackerel fish, sliced into 2 pieces
  • 1 tbsp shredded ginger
  • 2 whole garlics, crushed
  • 1 pc red chili, sliced
  • 2 tbsp cooking oil (for pan frying fish)
  • 200ml water
  • 1 tbsp spicy bean sauce
  • 1 tbsp black beans
  • 1 tsp light soya sauce
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • dash of salt
  • some diced spring onion (for garnishing)



6Des, 2023
Braised Pork with Sea Cucumber 红烧猪肉海参 – Eat What Tonight


I love braised pork trotters to bits but also knowing that it’s pretty sinful, I would usually request more of the leaner parts of the meat whenever possible. But even then, there would quite be a limited amount of it and I always felt that it wasn’t enough to satisfy.  Hence, when I decided to prepare this dish once again, I make do with a whole huge chunk of fresh pork collar that I’ve ordered from PurelyFresh and together with some sea cucumber, I sent it for braising and the portion kept me happily satisfied for two days in consecutive.


As you know, braised products are always more flavored the longer you had it cooked, especially on the second day. Plus, because there isn’t any bones that comes with pork collar which comprises of a good combination of lean meat and fats, this is literal a dish that’s so comforting and easy with some rice.  


I guess everyone loves a comfort zone, and so do I. And having been in that for quite a while already, I realized I finally have to get out of it and hence, I signed up for a Certificate course in Baking with the SkillsFuture credit. It is gonna be a full 8-hour thingy on every Saturdays and my weekends could literally be burnt from now. But taking up such a course has always been part of the plans but wasn’t determined enough to really get down to doing it before this. So this time, I do hope I am able to preserve through and eventually attained some formal certification in something that I really enjoyed and able to pursue and not just seeing it as a hobby or pastime.


And presenting the Braised Pork With Sea Cucumber in this Floral Coronet design serveware from Corelle once more !! For someone who has a penchant for anything Zakka style, these have to be my happiest collection of serveware from Corelle by far.


Oh yes, on a simple tip for braising the sea cucumber. If you are using fresh sea cucumber like I do, be sure to add in the sea cucumber for braising only 15 to 20 minutes before serving. Otherwise, the sea cucumber will just “disintegrate and dissolve” till nothing !! And for today’s braising, I applied a cook, steamed and braised method, a more elaborate way than usual. But I do felt the end result yields a more tender and luscious pork collar that’s kept moist with the flavors penetrating well throughout the cooking.


And guess what, instead of rice, you can also enjoy the Braised Pork with Sea Cucumber on a “korean” style by wrapping them in some fresh lettuce too !! Enjoy !! ^-^

Braised Pork with Sea Cucumber 红烧猪肉海参


Total time


Recipe type: Main

Cuisine: Chinese

  • 1 pc pork collar, approx 500g
  • 1 pc fresh sea cucumber, approx. 300g
  • 4-5 pcs shiitake mushrooms (optional)
  • 2 tsp tapioca starch
  • 3 bunches spring onion
  • 3 thick slices ginger
  • 2 whole garlics, crushed
  • 1 star anise
  • 2 tbsp shaoxing wine
  • Enough water to cover the pork + 1 cup (mine was approx. 1,2L)
  • For the Seasoning II:
  • 50ml dark soya sauce (I recommend Guang Xiang Tai brand)
  • 50g rock sugar
  • 2 tbsp shaoxing wine
  • 3 tbsp kecap manis (sweet soya sauce)
  • ½ tsp garlic powder

If using fresh sea cucumber, do not braise it for too long, otherwise it will disintegrate and dissolve till nothing. Keep watch on it while braising and remove from heat once it has softened to a Q texture as desired.



5Des, 2023
Village Style Braised Fish with Fermented Black Beans 乡村黑豆豉焖鱼 – Eat What Tonight

Village Braised Fish_2

This is a kind of braised fish that we had often during reunion dinners. Now don’t ask me why during reunion, perhaps that’s one kind of fish that the old folks like to prepare during such festive. Deep fried a pomfret before dunking it with some savoury braised sauce. And since I had a pomfret on hand and was quite bored of the usual way of just steaming it, it suddenly dawn on me that I can cook it this way too.

Village Braised Fish_5

And this type of fish actually goes very well with some Teochew mui (porridge). Especially during this rainy season where everyday is just so chilling. The braised sauce is a perfect fit for the porridge and the fish itself can make a wholesome meal by itself.

Village Braised Fish_1

Been freaking tired recently that I do not even have the time to start on the new theme for the blog which I have mentioned in a blog post earlier. The colleague was just reminding me of it the day before ! Well, I do have plenty of ideas going but just lacking of time for execution though. Please bear with me for awhile more !! I will definitely try to update more stuffs soon !! 🙂

Village Braised Fish_6

In the meantime, enjoy this village style braised fish with fermented black beans and the weekend that’s coming up soon !! 

Village Style Braised Fish with Fermented Black Beans 乡村黑豆豉焖鱼


Recipe type: Main

Cuisine: Chinese

  • 1 pc pomfret (preferably black, but since I only have the white on hand so I used that)
  • 5 thick slices old ginger
  • 1 chilli, sliced
  • 2 shallots, sliced
  • 1 tbsp fermented black beans
  • 3 garlics, sliced
  • 1 tbsp corn flour (for coating)
  • dash of salt
  • some cooking oil
  • 2 tsp oyster sauce
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • 1 tsp dark soya sauce
  • dash of pepper
  • 300ml water
  • dash of salt
  • 1 sprig spring onion, sliced
  • 1 red chilli, sliced



1Des, 2023
Spring Onion Braised Fish 葱烧鱼 – Eat What Tonight

Spring Onion Braised Fish_4

Sorry for the long wait as a few people has been asking for the recipe for this. In fact, this is one of the dishes that my family will have on the reunion table every year. A simple braised fish that’s made fragrant with spring onion and dark soya sauce. Plain as it may seem, but it tastes delicious because it’s a dish that’s being brought down many years throughout every reunion. 

Spring Onion Braised Fish_2

And we are down to the last week before CNY. Has everyone started to list down your CNY reunion menu ? It will be a super long weekend for everyone this year with eve falling on Friday going through all the way till Monday. Although CNY is less of a significance for me in recent years, but still it’s a new year after all. So I also hope that everything can begin on a good note in the new year. 

Spring Onion Braised Fish_1

With supermarkets being brought down by long paying queues and crowds, so what’s better than not to order your fresh groceries online from PurelyFresh and have them deliver right to your doorstep conveniently ?

Spring Onion Braised Fish_5

Happy Lunar New Year in advance to all ! And hope I do have time to churn out another recipe and posting before CNY too. Enjoy !! 

Spring Onion Braised Fish_3

Spring Onion Braised Fish 葱烧鱼


Recipe type: Main

Cuisine: Chinese

  • 1 pomfret
  • 5 stalks spring onion + more for garnishing, cut into sections
  • 2 tbsp ginger, shredded
  • 2 tbsp cooking oil
  • For the Seasonings:
  • 1½ light soya sauce
  • 1½ dark soya sauce
  • 2 tbsp shaoxing wine
  • 1 tbsp vinegar
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • For Garnishing:
  • some spring onions
  • some wolfberries
  • 400ml water



28Nov, 2023
Braised Duck with Dried Tangerine Peel 橙皮焖鸭

I must admit I am still not good at cutting a whole poultry, including this duck. But nevertheless, it was braised till so succulent and tender that the meat is almost falling off the bones. So even if you do not cut it (which is pretty difficult to cut such a tender duck) as well, they can easily be tear apart even with using chopsticks. 

When I was in Taiwan earlier, where I attended a cooking class, the instructor told me that how dried tangerine peel can be attained. Basically you can peel the skin off your oranges and baked them till they are very very dried and store them for future use. Well, whilst I didn’t attempt this method myself, I gotten my dried tangerine peel from the chinese medicine hall at 60cents only and got quite a more than enough portion. This is how they are looked like.

The tangerine aftermath was pretty decent with a very aromatic braised sauce. I actually finished 1/3 of the duck all by myself and because this is braised, you can actually store this in the fridge for reheating again the following day. Usually braised foods are more flavourful the longer you re-cook them.

And time really zoom past fast. It’s been a month since I am into the new job. I am thinking to start preparing lunch box to work from now such that I actually went to purchase a thermal lunch box for it. BUT I really hope I have the determination to wake up earlier everyday to do it !!  LOL. 

Hope everyone will enjoy eye-feasting on this Braised Duck with Dried Tangerine Peel !! Have a happy weekend !!

Fresh duck can be purchased from Purelyfresh online which delivers right to your doorstep, 7 days a week !

Braised Duck with Dried Tangerine Peel 橙皮焖鸭


Total time


  • 1 whole duck (around 2 kg, cut into half)
  • 5-6 pcs garlics, crushed
  • 10 slices ginger
  • 5 pcs tangerine peel
  • 1 tbsp cooking oil
  • 2 tbsp light soya sauce
  • 2 tbsp oyster sauce
  • 2 tbsp shaoxing wine
  • 1 tbsp kecap manis (sweet soya sauce)
  • 1 tbsp rock sugar
  • 4 tsp dark soya sauce
  • 1 litre water



26Nov, 2023
Braised Pork Ribs with Pumpkin 金瓜焖排骨

I never used to like pumpkin because I really detest slicing the pumpkin skin which is seriously tough to handle. And because of that, cooking pumpkin isn’t one of my top favourite. But once in a blue moon, I do enjoy that golden hue of natural sweetness in my food which I will willingly prepare for all its goodness then. 


And earlier I had the pumpkin in my Dried Scallop and Pumpkin Brown Rice Porridge which you can see from here. So this time, I decided to enjoy the pumpkin with something real meaty for that extra indulgence.



How about braising some pork ribs with pumpkin sounds like ? A pretty much Cantonese-style dish that’s well seasoned with fermented black soybeans and compiled with the natural sweetness of pumpkin, with pork ribs that have been braised till ideal savouriness, this dish will certainly tempt you to enjoy every bit of the meat, sauce and pumpkin to the last bite with much delight !



In fact, if you are cooking this on a larger scale, it will work ideally as a one pot dish because that’s a meat and pumpkin as a vegetable in the dish itself and the gravy from the braising makes a slurpy condiment with rice. To be frank, I am not a fussy person with food and easy going home cooked foods like such is certainly good enough to keep me going. 



Get your fresh groceries from PurelyFresh online to serve up this yummylicious dish today ! 

Enjoy !!



Braised Pork Ribs with Pumpkin 金瓜焖排骨


Total time


Recipe type: Main

Cuisine: Chinese

  • 500g short pork ribs
  • 200g pumpkin, cut into chunks
  • 1 tbsp minced garlic
  • 2 tsp fermented black soybeans
  • 1 tsp plum sauce
  • 1 tbsp cooking oil
  • some water
  • 1 tbsp light soya sauce
  • 1 tbsp shaoxing wine
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • 1 tsp sesame oil
  • ¼ tsp pepper
  • ¼ tsp garlic powder
  • ¼ tsp onion powder
  • 1 tsp dark soya sauce
  • ½ tsp sugar
  • 1 tsp corn flour mixed with 1 tbsp water


24Nov, 2023
Braised Mushrooms Minced Meat Noodles 香菇肉挫面

A typical hawker staple that we often had, and I think this has to be the only kind of food that we can have for any meals of the day. But it’s not often that people tend to cook this from home, probably because of the much efforts involved, especially if it doesn’t make economical sense if were to prepare this on a small volume to feed a few mouths.

However, I had this cooked for a serving for one only and I thought it was still pretty manageable. The only setback was that you probably had de-froze a larger portion of the meat but realised you only get to use a small bit of it for this dish eventually. Well, what I did was to use the balance meat and prepare a simple stir fried for a later meal at the end of the day. No food goes to waste in that way and you need not worry about having to re-freeze an already defroze meat too.

In fact, if I wasn’t that hungry to begin with, I would have simmered the mushrooms longer such that the flavours are more immersed as what you often seen from the Bak Chor Mee stalls at the hawker stalls. Very often than not, they have had a slow cooker that’s used to simmer the mushrooms for hours and are kept warm all the time so that the mushrooms just gets more tender and soft only.

Being a dried version of the Bak Chor Mee in this case, I likened my noodles to a combination of tomato ketchup and chilli paste so that it doesn’t get too overwhelming. Some others love a touch a black vinegar as well, but since I have never had a liking for black vinegar, so I have steered clear of that. 

Although it might seem too cumbersome a dish to prepare at home, but all in all, I took less than an hour to serve up this dish from simmering the mushrooms, to boiling the soup to preparing the noodles. It’s not as intimidating as it seems after all. 

Hope everyone will enjoy this hawker staple that can be prepared from home too ! Enjoy !

Get all your fresh ingredients from PurelyFresh online to serve up this favourite hawker delight today !

Braised Mushrooms Minced Meat Noodles 香菇肉挫面


Recipe type: Main

Cuisine: Chinese

  • 1 bunch of chinese noodles
  • 4-5 pcs meatballs
  • Some prawns (optional)
  • Some fish cakes (optional)
  • Some lettuce (optional)
  • 4 pcs dried mushrooms, rinsed and soaked in some water overnight. Remove the stem and sliced thinly
  • 250ml mushroom water, retained from soaking the mushrooms
  • 200ml water
  • 1 tbsp oyster sauce
  • 1 tsp light soya sauce
  • 1 tsp dark soya sauce
  • 15g rock sugar
  • 1 star anise
  • 3 pcs ginger
  • 3 pcs garlics, slightly crushed
  • 1 pc dried orange peel (optional, to add some tanginess to the sauce)
  • 50g minced pork
  • 50g pork collar, sliced thinly
  • ½ tbsp light soya sauce
  • 1 tsp corn flour
  • 1 tsp sesame oil
  • Dash of pepper
  • 300ml stock
  • 400ml water
  • 1 tbsp shallot oil
  • Dash of salt + pepper
  • 1 tbsp chilli paste + tomato sauce (up to individual preferences)
  • 1 tbsp shallot oil
  • 2 tbsp braised mushroom sauce
  • ½ tsp dark soya sauce
  • 1 tbsp of soup base
  • Some black vinegar (optional)





23Nov, 2023
Braised Pork with Dried Tangerine Peels & Soy Sauce 陈皮酱油焖肉

Although there have been a few braised meats recipes in the website already, but I would always love to try out using new and different additions to braising meats so that there can be a unique flavour each time. And the kind of braised meats that I would love, are those that has been stewed to tenderness, where the meat is almost falling off, compiled with a flavourful sauce that’s both savoury with a tad of sweetness.

When I was in Taiwan earlier last year where I attended a cooking class, the instructor ever told me that they will usually retain the skin of the tangerines that they have during CNY, baked them till they are super dry and used them for braising their meats. 

So there and then, I was quite keen to try adding such “tanginess” to the brasied sauce. However, instead of baking my own tangerine’s skins which I do not have any at the moment, I got some from the Chinese herbal store, where I was gotten a pack for like 50 cents. It’s not something that’s purchased off the shelves, so you probably gotta ask the people at the store to “pick” those tangerine skins which they kept them behind the counters. And you can tell them it’s 陈皮 that you are looking for.


I added 3-4 pcs of the tangerine skins to the braised sauce, compiled with the other standard ingredients, cooked it over the stove till it boils, before settling it further on the electric cooker to braise till tenderness.

The extra aroma from the tangerine skins adds a refreshing tanginess to the sauce, blends well with the soy sauce and spices and gives an extra touch of a faint citrus cue to the overall after taste.   



And braising is such a fuss free way of cooking, that all you gotta do is to add everything to the pot and start the cooking. If you own a pressure cooker, the cooking time is even cut shorter. Hence, this is a very delightful and friendly dish if you are intending to prepare this on a busy working day. And you can used it for other meats too, like the duck in this recipe here !


Enjoy !!


Braised Pork with Dried Tangerine Peels & Soy Sauce 陈皮酱油焖肉


Total time


Recipe type: Main

Cuisine: Chinese

  • 200g pork belly/pork collar
  • 600ml water
  • 3 tbsp light soya sauce
  • ½ tbsp dark soya sauce
  • 1 tbsp shaoxing wine
  • 30g rock sugar
  • 3-4 pcs dried tangerine peels
  • 2 star anise
  • 1 clove
  • 4 pcs ginger
  • 2 pcs whole garlics, slightly crushed
  1. Blanch the pork in some boiling water to remove the impurities and excess oils.
  2. Add in the pork together with all the rest of the ingredients into another pot for cooking over the stove.
  3. When the sauce starts to boil, off the flame and transfer the pot to an electric cooker or slow cooker.
  4. Cook over the electric cooker for around 1.5 hours or desired tenderness. Serve hot with rice.

You can use a pressure cooker too which should be able to shorten the cooking time into half.