18Nov, 2023
Barramundi & Broccoli Fish Patties

Made some really nice barramundi and broccoli fish patties today that are stuffed with some awesome barramundi fish bellies from Kuhlbarra, diced broccoli and carrots with some mashed potato ! And well serve in a one plate dish with some salad greens and egg rolls.

And I think these fish patties are really versatile in many ways too. Stuff a couple of cheese slices, tomatoes and lettuce between some burger bread and they can be easily served up as as burger patties or they can be simply enjoyed on their own with some Thai chili sauce, mayonnaise or any of your preferred dipping sauce.

Pretty healthy and kids friendly too, I would think. And if you are thinking this might not be filling enough as a main course, then you might be wrong because it was really satisfying as a meal on its own. Mainly because the patties contain potatoes and a good amount of barramundi fish.

It doesn’t take much effort to prepare these fish patties too. So hope you will enjoy these healthy Barramundi and broccoli fish patties that are well loaded with vegetables and barramundi fish.

18Nov, 2023
Stir Fry Pork Ribs with Broccoli and Carrots 萝卜西兰花炒排骨

Cooked this dish earlier and thought it made a really hearty one plate dish because it contains both vegetables and meat together. It isn’t overly filling for one, and everything is so easy to clean up with just one pan and one plate thereafter. Plus the fact that I am using the air fryer to do some of the job too, it just makes everything much simpler and fuss free.

And I am counting down my days to the long awaited year end break where I can finally embark on my next trip !! So do catch me on IG if you can. It’s a faster way of sharing what I have been up to too.

But for now, hope you enjoy this recipe as I keep this post a relatively short and sweet one because I am feeling so sleepy. LOL. Hope you have an awesome upcoming TGIF and weekends !!

7Nov, 2023
Broccoli and Pork Slices in Black Bean Sauce

Broccoli and Pork Slices in Black Bean Sauce – Eat What Tonight

The kind of one-dish meal I can easily polish up a bowl of rice with ! This Broccoli and Pork Slices in Black Bean Sauce is a typical Chinese home-cooked dish that’s absolutely delicious and satisfying. Replace the pork slices with chicken if you’re unable to take pork which will be equally tasty too as the gist of this dish lies in the savoury black bean sauce more than anything else.

I used dry black beans for this and crushed them to bring out the flavors prior to cooking instead of using the bottled black bean paste. For one reason, it’s cheaper to just buy the black beans by itself rather than a whole bottle of the paste if you are not going to use it often. For second reason, you can better moderate how savoury you want the sauce to be in this way according to one’s preferences.

This recipe is a sure keeper because it’s super easy to prepare and perfectly ideal for a quick meal option. Do eliminate the chili if you are cooking for the kids though !