Top 10 Favorite Caterers from FoodLine.Sg for All Your Christmas Catering Needs

It’s the time of the year where all the merry making and festive cheer are in the air once again ! Aren’t you excited as we are stepping into the last month of year 2019 ? Well for once, I am really looking forward and can’t contain my desire that it comes sooner ! And I am sure it’s gonna be an exciting year end for everyone of you out there too because there will just be so much hosting, feasting and partying going on.

And with that in mind, am sure your hosting skills will be put to a test now. How to cater, when to cater and what kind of food to cater to your guests becomes a major brainstorm isn’t it. But fret not, because that’s always to the rescue. Being a one-stop catering and cake portal with over 300 merchants to choose from, it serves as an excellent reference point for all your catering needs for the upcoming Christmas season. Christmas Catering

You can literally source, review and book for your catering needs all on one single platform on Talking about efficiency and fuss free planning, I guess this shall be it. And with that in mind, we round up the top 10 most favourite caterers on FoodLine for your considerations. Hopefully that will assist you in further streamlining your planning needs and sourcing for a desired catering merchant !

Attractiveness : Free Log Cake, Party sets (with Turkey) available.

BellyGood Caterer

Attractiveness : Party Sets and ala carte party sets available.

Attractiveness : Mini buffets available and get 25% off all Christmas buffets.

Attractiveness : Order before 10 December 2019 to get complimentary Christmas cake &/or can drinks.

Spark and Flame Catering

Attractiveness : A variety of mini buffets, party sets, ala carte party sets available with free delivery above 100 pax.

Select Catering

Attractiveness : Mini buffets available with free golden roasted drumlets or roasted turkey of your choice.

Attractiveness : An assortment of party sets and mini buffets available.

Attractiveness : Party sets and mini buffets available with free delivery above 80 pax.

Chilli Manis Catering

Attractiveness : Party sets and mini buffets available.


Attractiveness : Enjoy 5% discount if confirmation made before 06 December 2019. Mini party sets and Asian Christmas menu available too.

Katong Catering

All caterers listed above do provide full menu buffets too in addition to what’s listed on the attractiveness. For more Christmas catering menus, do check out and order today !