17Nov, 2023
Chicken & Corn Egg Drop Soup

Tied up with Knorr Singapore recently and using their SavorRich Chicken Concentrated liquid seasoning, came up with a Chinese style Chicken and Corn Egg Drop Soup. It’s pretty easy to make, tastes awesome too and absolutely healthy because chicken breast meat and lots of other vegetables were included.

And since most of us are being held up at home recently, so nothing beats spending time in the kitchen and stirring up the home chef instincts in each of us. I guess you don’t need to be a marvellous cook to enjoy home cooked food and as long as it is something that’s made from and within yourself, it beats all other MSG packed takeaway or dine-out food in all aspects.

And this easy soup is one good example you can embarked on too ! Threw in some enoki mushrooms to enhance the soup further and it was awesome. Loved the colors of the soup and I actually had a double serving of it. Hope you will enjoy this dish too and shared it with your loved ones then ! Happy TGIF eve !

14Nov, 2023
Bak Kwa and Corn Egg Fried Rice

And this is a sinfully delicious Bak Kwa (Pork Jerky) and Corn Egg Fried rice ! Fried rice has and always will be a good staple in the Asian household to use up whatever leftover rice you may have. It is not difficult to cook up a good fried rice at home as long as you has all the “sinful” ingredients on hand and with this as the bak kwa but luncheon meat, diced chicken or pork, prawns, etc are all equally good with fried rice too.

To ensure that the egg coats up every grain of the rice, you can always beat the eggs into the rice prior to cooking and mix them well before tossing them in the wok. This really helps to ensure that you get even and golden egg fried rice on every single grain of rice.

Frozen mixed vegetables that consist of diced carrots, sweet corn and green peas is commonly used in fried rice to give the rice a more colourful presentation. However since I am not such a huge fan of green peas, I decide to eliminate the frozen combination all together and just go along with the corns. And I guess the beauty of homecooked is that, you can always incorporate foods that you will eat into your own cooking instead of just following the norm.

Hope this simpe homecooked is good enough to whet up your appetite for today.