Country Style Chicken Stew – Eat What Tonight

A tomato based chicken stew that packs a punch because a good abundance of vegetables such as celery, tomatoes, carrots, onions and potatoes are used for the stew ! And coupled with the chicken pieces, this dish can be easily polished away with rice, pasta or even bread.

If you are tired of all the roast stuffs for Christmas already, this hearty recipe can certainly bring you some healthy comfort. I used a fresh whole kampong chicken for the stew which hence makes it all the more better. It has that bit of sweetness coupled with some sourish-ness from the tomatoes and with the amount of vegetables used, it can easily make a one-pot meal too.

To prevent the potatoes from getting too mashed up too, they were added halfway through the cooking time which was pretty ideal as the texture was just right on spot for the softness yet without becoming too mashy. I also added a touch of red wine right at the end which helps to bring out the flavours even better. Hope this dish will delight you as much as I do.