Salmon and Edamame Beans Egg Fried Rice 三文鱼毛豆蛋炒饭

It’s my favourite egg fried rice again ! And I am sure it’s also the favourites of many of you out there. Because no one, simply no one I have heard of who doesn’t fancy a fried rice so far. And today version is further topped with salmon cubes and edamame beans ! And with the plus fact that it’s more protein packed than usual because there’s simply more eggs than rice in this fried rice !

Also for the fact that I am trying to reduce my rice intake, so this plate of fried rice uses one whole chunk of salmon and 2 full eggs but only contains slightly more than 1/2 cup of short grain rice. So you can visualize yourself enjoying the ingredients rather than eating fried rice then. Lol.

But I must reiterate that it’s still a fried rice nevertheless because it was intended to be one, and a very tasty one too ! Because salmon and edamame beans are healthy and delicious foods to begin with, so they can never go wrong with the scrambled eggs and Japanese short grain rice.

Recently I saw someone sharing some thoughts about posting recipes that I find it very meaningful and true. It goes on to say something liked ~ instead of sharing very elaborate recipes which you would need to go to great strengths to produce that excellent food, why not share some down to earth and simple recipes which the majority of us can follow or even improvise to an even better one which would in turn benefit more people. And I am so in agreement with this. So here I am, sharing this quick and fuss free recipe here ! Hope you will like it too !