Chilli Fishcake Balls – Eat What Tonight

Why I choose to call these fishcake balls is because they are simply a hybrid of fishballs, meatballs and fishcake. They aren’t exactly fishballs to begin with because I’ve added minced meat to them and they aren’t meatballs either as it contains both additional fish and prawn meat. But the texture of it feels like an in-between of the fishballs and fishcake, and so that’s how the term fishcake balls come about ! While I understand traditional fishball use typically yellowtail fish, I used barramundi fish for this recipe and also feel that any white fish slice would suffice as well since the intention is not about making traditional fishballs in this case. But more on finding different ways to utilize our daily white fish instead of the usual ways of steaming, frying or even braising them as they are.

And surprisingly, they were so good that I had it consecutively for 2 days and am still missing them. You can simply add them to any homecooked soup to enjoy on its own or go along with a noodles soup as an addition. Whilst I tried deep-frying these chilli fishcake balls as well, I would think they taste so much better on a soup base than being deep-fried anytime.

If you are looking for something without spice or kids friendly, simply eliminate the diced chilli padi as an ingredient, you will get some awesome fishcake balls that everyone in the household can enjoy. And if you are thinking it might be too complicated to beef up, well I can honestly say that it’s actually quite a breeze. The only part where more effort is involved … is probably the mincing of carrots ! LOL. Otherwise the rest of it all are literally quite effortless.

And here’s the recipe to share !