22Nov, 2023
Stir Fry HK Kailan with Mushrooms 香港芥蓝菜炒香菇

If you would have realised my postings, I seldom blog about cooking vegetables because I find that you don’t really need any skills or recipe to cook a vege. Because vegetables are by itself the easiest to whip up. Basically a dash of minced garlic with oyster sauce is applicable for any kinds of stir fry vegetables. 

But HK kailan is one particular vege that I find a bit tricky. Because of its thick stems, if I were to stir fry it long enough till it’s tender, the green leaves would have withered and turn yellowish, losing all nutrients. But if I don’t cook it long enough, the stems will be tough and hard to chew on. 

So whenever I go HK, I tend to enjoy this dish a lot. Because they can cook till the stems are so tender yet the leaves remain bright and green. After some research and several attempts of trying, I guess this is quite the trick or rather a little tip that I’ve found in cooking this dish.

Blanching the vege in some boiling water that has been drizzled with some oil, which can be normal cooking oil, shallot oil, sesame oil, etc. And blanching it again in ice cold water thereafter before stir frying it. This somehow allows the stem to stay tender and the green leaves retain its brightness without overcooking, hence retaining the nutrients.

So here’s a little video clip to share its effectiveness and how you can cook this vege in future ! Though a bit tedious with extra steps, but it’s a great way to enjoy this vegetable!

Stir Fry HK Kailan with Mushrooms 香港芥蓝菜炒香菇


Recipe type: Main

Cuisine: Chinese

  • A handful of Hk Kailan vege
  • 1 tbsp oil + more for blanching w water
  • 1 tsp minced garlic
  • Some mushrooms
  • 1 tsp oyster sauce
  1. Heat up a pot of water that has been drizzled with some oil.
  2. Blanch the vege in the water for a few minutes. (I took around 4 mins for my serving portion.)
  3. Drain and add the vege to some ice cold water.
  4. Heat up 1 tbsp oil and stir fry garlic. Add mushrooms if using.
  5. When mushrooms turn soft, add the hk kailan vege and oyster sauce.
  6. Stir fry briefly for around 20 seconds and off flame.



22Nov, 2023
Stir Fry Flat Yellow Noodles with Seafood 干炒海鲜福建扁面

Happy TGIF !! It’s finally Friday !! It has been a long tiring week for me as I am desperately in need of sleep ! Actually I wasn’t that busy to begin with in this week but somehow whenever it comes to the time for me to knock out, I just couldn’t get myself to bed. So I’ll be finding all kinds of stuffs to do and when that happens, it somehow makes you more energetic and by the time you fall in, you realise it’s also almost time you gotta wake up for work again the following day ! LOL.

Just imagine last night, it was at 12 midnight before I decided that my bedroom was pretty messy and so I did a mini spring cleaning of it, including vacuuming and cleaning up the space. And by the time I was done, it was clearly past 1 am. So you can imagine my quite zombie-ness during the day. But fortunately it was a TGIF day so it wasn’t that tough to pull through the day. And here I am, with my eyes half closing, trying to pen down this post before I called it a day.

Usually I would try to take an Instagram break on Friday nights, to spare myself from the addictiveness of social media. Haha. But blogging is kinda different. I felt liked I am doing something constructive whenever I blogged. Quite therapeutic I would say. Liked penning down your thoughts and writing a daily journal. But too bad I had a very desk bound job which ties me to the computer for a good 8 hours during the day. Hence, I tried to limit myself not to look at the computer screen again in the evenings. So as much as I wished I could blog more often, sometimes the reality of life does get me over. 

Nevertheless, I will still try my best to pen down whenever I can. So here I am, recording another recipe, this time with both videos and pictorial ! LOL. Really take some effort to make it all into this little space and so hope you will appreciate this homely dish of mine ~ Stir Fry Flat Yellow Noodles with Seafood. In fact, there’s no specific name for this dish so I just anyhow come up with one. It’s a bit liked our Fried Hokkien mee, the dark soya version but using a flat yellow noodles this time.

My choice of seafood in this dish is basically some fish slices and imitation crab sticks which probably couldn’t be even labelled as a seafood. LOL. But feel free to add in additional prawns, squids or scallops as you wish. 

This is more to a dry version of the stir fry noodles. If you prefer a braised version, you could simply adjust with more stock/water and stop way before the sauce gets dry up. I pretty much enjoyed this dish because the flat yellow noodles was by itself quite nice, way better than the hokkien round yellow noodles IMHO.

Enjoy and have an awesome weekend ahead !! 

Stir Fry Flat Yellow Noodles with Seafood 干炒海鲜福建扁面


Recipe type: Main

Cuisine: Chinese

  • 150g flat yellow noodles
  • 100g sliced fish (marinate lightly with some salt, corn flour, sesame oil, pepper and shaoxing wine)
  • 1 fish cake, sliced
  • 3 imitation crab sticks, cut into halves
  • ½ tbsp minced garlic
  • ½ red onion, sliced
  • 1½ tbsp oil
  • Some green vege
  • 250ml water + more for adjustments
  • 1½ tbsp oyster sauce
  • 1 tbsp light soya sauce
  • 1½ tbsp dark soya sauce
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • 1 tsp sesame oil
  • Pinch of pepper
  • Chilli padi, diced (optional)



19Nov, 2023
Chinese Stir Fry with Chicken & Vegetables in Mizkan Sesame Sauce

Very thankful and blessed to be working with Mizkan once again for the 3rd year running ! We have come a long way in collaborating with Mizkan in innovating several recipes with its sesame sauce but we have never gotten tired of it still ! Because that’s just so many dishes that can be paired with this savory and tasty sesame sauce from Japan.

Commonly used as a salad seasoning, Mizkan’s sesame sauce with roasted nuts boosts of a tantalizing and nutty flavor. My previous post here actually detailed a full listing of all the recipes that was attempted with Mizkan’s products. This time, I decide to pursue an easy Chinese stir fry with Chicken and Vegetables in Sesame sauce.

Our home-cooked Chinese stir fry often evolves around oyster sauce, light soya sauce or the least still, salt or chicken powder. That led me to wonder if we can ever attempt something out of the box and that’s how this recipe is borne. A Japanese sesame sauce that’s commonly used in Western salads is now being cooked in a Chinese home-cooked menu. How does that sound ?

Well for once, it’s pretty awesome to me ! Because it made an effortless one plate dish that comprises of healthy vegetables and chicken breast meat. I never used to like chicken breast meat but amazingly, it tastes really succulent in this dish ! I’ve also compiled a quick one-minute video on the cooking of this which is shared on my Instagram here.

Hope you like enjoy this dish just liked how I did ! And I actually finished up my bowl of rice entirely with this dish alone ! Have a great weekend !

18Nov, 2023
Stir Fry Pork Ribs with Broccoli and Carrots 萝卜西兰花炒排骨

Cooked this dish earlier and thought it made a really hearty one plate dish because it contains both vegetables and meat together. It isn’t overly filling for one, and everything is so easy to clean up with just one pan and one plate thereafter. Plus the fact that I am using the air fryer to do some of the job too, it just makes everything much simpler and fuss free.

And I am counting down my days to the long awaited year end break where I can finally embark on my next trip !! So do catch me on IG if you can. It’s a faster way of sharing what I have been up to too.

But for now, hope you enjoy this recipe as I keep this post a relatively short and sweet one because I am feeling so sleepy. LOL. Hope you have an awesome upcoming TGIF and weekends !!

16Nov, 2023
Stir Fry Spicy Udon Noodles

I am all in for Udon noodles as always. Be it for a simple noodles soup or stir fry, the thick chewy noodles are always good in all ways. So did a spicy stir fry recently and no no, it’s not anything Mala based but using a good mix of commonly used Chinese condiments such as light soya sauce and spicy bean paste.

It was one of my meals during the work from home days and because it’s really fast to beef up, so that technically it fits everything into an hour lunch break from preparation, cooking to finishing it. So you can be absolutely sure your boss won’t be zooming and spying into you anytime beyond that. LOL.

And it has been raining quite constantly on a daily basis recently when the weather is meant to be warm and humid for an April month in Singapore. Perhaps the weather feels for our predicament too and is forcing us to stay indoors with the downpour. Well a spicy dish liked such is always welcomed on such gloomy days then, isn’t it. And don’t get deceive by the outlook of the noodles as the spice is well hidden beneath it. Happy Tuesday !

15Nov, 2023
Stir Fry Kway Teow Mee (Flat Rice Noodles & Yellow Noodles) 干炒粿条面

Kway teow mee is a commonly known food term locally which translates to flat rice noodles and yellow noodles. And recently I did a delicious stir fry of the both together which was also packed with beansprouts, pork slices and green vegetables. Unlike the local char kway teow, this homecooked version is more down to earth, healthier and more subtle yet tasty on a different note.

And whilst we all know fish sauce is quite a must in most noodles stir fry, but often it is mistakenly used during the cooking process instead. To maximize the effectiveness of fish sauce and bring out the flavor of the dish, it is best to add a dash of fish sauce only at the end of the cooking just before removing from heat. As fish sauce tends to be on a salty basis, hence a dash of it is more than enough. But some people might not like the smell of it on the first instant because it has a real fishy smell which might not be tolerable to all.

However it works miracle when added to a good flat rice noodles stir fry and is quite essential if you want to bring out the flavors of the dish fully. And another must-have will be the sweet soya sauce or commonly known as the kecap manis. This particular ABC brand is by far the most reliable I’ve used in terms of richness texture and works well in this stir fry. Other brands in comparison are often too watery or too light for the preferences.

This little home-cooked is really easy to whip up and I think the time I spent at the wet market in queuing to buy these noodles are probably far longer than the amount of time I’ve spent preparing and cooking this dish. Mainly also that’s only one such particular stall in the wet market near me that sells such stuffs so the queue was unusually time consuming.

Hope you will like this dish as much as I do ! And glad that most food and retail business will get to resume tomorrow but please don’t rush for it okay ! We have the rest of our time from tomorrow till forever to enjoy whatever we have. 🙂

14Nov, 2023
Vegan Styled Char Kway Teow (Stir Fry Flat Rice Noodles)

Once in a while, I liked to go vegan ! And making it a point to do it once or twice in a month if I can. And this time with a vegan styled char kway teow. It was quite delicious though even without the eggs, meat or pork lard. A different kind of delicious, I would say. I dunked it wholesomely with fried tofu, lots of beansprouts and green vegetables and served it with some diced chilies padi at the end of it.

The cooking of the dish itself was quite speedy. The only time consuming part was panfrying the tofu till golden brown as we all know that tofu has a high water content and to fry them till they are crispy on the edges will take sometime. So what I did ideally was to dice them in smaller cubes as shown so that it will take a much shorter time to do that. Alternatively, you can also replace this step by using ready tofu puffs or beancurd puffs. And if you do have other vegan ingredients such as vegetarian fish cakes, you can also add them to this dish to liven it up more.

While I enjoyed this dish on its own and being able to tell myself that I am going vegan for that day with this meal, somehow it makes one feel less sinful too. So here’s to sharing this recipe which I hope will liven you up too !

13Nov, 2023
Stir Fry Beansprouts with Scallions and Chilies

Stir Fry Beansprouts with Scallions and Chilies – Eat What Tonight

This isn’t any specialty dish or recipe but instead a very down-to-earth and homely fare which we usually enjoy with Teochew Mui (Chinese plain porridge). And for those who loved a good vegetarian dish too, this will fit the bill too. In fact if you were to be cooking a whole big bunch of it, you probably can enjoy it alone as a main course too. The scallions and chilies pack a good bunch of flavour and spice into the dish and with some easy and light seasoning, it’s yet another comfort and very affordable Chinese homecooked dish which pack a bunch.

And here’s to presenting on how I usually cook mine for your easy reference.

13Nov, 2023
Stir Fry Flat Rice and Yellow Noodles with Fish Slices

Have always been a huge fan of flat rice noodles which is commonly known as the Kway Teow in an Asian context. From stir fry to soups, I think literally everything that has an option of Kway Teow to choose from, it will be top on my choice. And this dish is essentially a meal that can be enjoyed at anytime of the day. In Singapore, fried kway teow mee is something that we commonly enjoyed as a breakfast menu, and when it comes to lunch, this option is also available for selection. Even when you goes back home for dinner, this dish will appear at times too as it makes an easy one-pan meal.

Whilst you can commonly have it plain for breakfast with top up of instant fried foods, this version of adding fish slices to it is a healthier version and would certainly perks up the appetite instantly. With just an extra step of pre-marinating the fish and panfrying them, the little extra effort enhances this common dish to a more enjoyable one for sure.

13Nov, 2023
Stir Fry Mee Tai Bak with Minced Meat

Stir Fry Mee Tai Bak with Minced Meat – Eat What Tonight

There was quite a fair bit of positive responses on this recipe after it was shared on Instagram, so I thought I would post it here as well to benefit all the non-Instagrammers. Mee Tai Bak is what we commonly know as Rat Noodles because in Chinese it is termed as 老鼠粉. I guess it resembles the tail of the rat, hence the term for it. And I liked it a lot especially when it goes into soups and stir fry. It is also quite a “kids meal” as the adults generally like to order this for the kids instead of the usual yellow noodles or kway teow which I guess Mee Tai Bak is always easier for the kids to eat without getting too much mess comparatively.

Whilst I added minced meat to this recipe, you can always replace with other protein of your choice and it tastes awesome if you can just pack more beansprouts to it. And from one of my readers, her 13-year old can easily cook this her by herself which is pretty self-explanatory how fuss-free this dish is. Some people ask me about the reason for adding the fish sauce at the end of the cooking and not whilst cooking . I think fish sauce is a very “stinky sauce” by itself if you know what it smells like, but somehow it adds excellent flavour to Stir Fry Rice Noodles which just a small dash of it at the end of the cooking is good enough to bring out the aroma of the dish. So adding it in between the cooking might just diminish and cause the flavour of it to be evaporated during the cooking which explains why I always add it right at the end of the cooking.