8Des, 2023
Hainanese Chicken Rice Balls with Garlic Chilli Sauce 海南鸡饭与辣椒酱 – Eat What Tonight

Chicken RIce_2

The weather must be playing tricks on me lately. Everyone knows that food pictures are best taken in broad daylight where the sun is up and shining. But for the past 3 weekends at least, every time when I finished plating my dishes and about to start taking pictures, it will start to rain !! And the best part is, after I proceeded and done with the photo taking, the rain would stop and the sun would be bright and sunny again ! It’s really OMG lor !!

Chicken Rice_4

Chicken Rice_6

Grrrr.. anyway that aside, I finally made the Hainanese Chicken Rice !! Surprisingly, the most laborious task is not the chicken, nor the rice but is the garlic chilli sauce ! And I should say that should be the “killer” of it all too !! It was so good that the old folks actually asked for all the chilli sauce I had prepared for their future dipping with other foods !

Chicken Rice_8

Why I said the chilli sauce is the most laborious is that it took me a good 40 minutes to pound all the chilli ingredients !! I tried using the food processor to grind it prior to pounding but the machine somehow doesn’t get it into a good paste liked chilli texture that I was looking for, hence I had to resort to mortar pounding eventually.

Chicken Rice_9

But then, no regrets for all the hard work put in !! The chicken rice balls were so fragrant, the chilli sauce dip was great and pairing it with the smooth tender chicken, everything are just too welcoming for words !!

Chicken Rice_10

The only setback is that I realised I didn’t know how to “chop” up a whole chicken perfectly into neat pieces after cooking it !! LOL !! So you can see that it’s really an amateur’s piece of work in whole chicken chopping there !! Hahaha !!

Chicken Rice_5

If you really desire a good Hainanese chicken rice, do use fresh chicken in your cooking ! I gotten mine from PurelyFresh online and theirs is indeed fresh !

Chicken Rice_1

Enjoy !!

Hainanese Chicken Rice Balls with Garlic Chilli Sauce 海南鸡饭与辣椒酱


Total time


Recipe type: Chinese

Cuisine: Main

  • 1 whole fresh chicken, approx. 1 kg
  • 3 tsp salt
  • some water
  • 2 cups white rice (rinsed and drained)
  • 1 tsp chicken fats
  • 2 tsp oil
  • some chicken broth (from cooking the chicken above)
  • 35g ginger, minced
  • 2 shallots, minced
  • 2 whole garlics, minced
  • ½ tsp salt
  • 1 tsp chicken seasoning powder
  • some pandan leaves
  • For the Garlic Chilli Sauce:
  • 1 large lime, cut into halves
  • dash of salt
  • dash of sugar
  • 4 tbsp chicken oil (from cooking the chicken above)
  • 45g ginger, minced
  • 4 cloves garlics, minced
  • 1 red chili, diced (you can adjust the proportion of chillies to chillies padis according to how spicy you want it to be.)
  • 8 chilli padis, diced
  1. Rinse the chicken well, drained and pat it dry. Rub the salt all over the chicken, including the interior as well and allow the marinade to stay for at least 30 minutes.
  2. Heat up a wok of water that is deep enough to fully submerge the chicken, till it boils. Place the chicken into the water after it has boiled.
  3. Cover the lid and allow the chicken to continue to be cooked on high heat for another 10 minutes. Off the flame thereafter, and allow the chicken to continue immerse in the hot water for another 50 minutes till it is cooked through.
  4. After the chicken is cooked, drain the chicken and lower it into another bowl of ice cold water for another 30 minutes. Remove and cut into pieces after that.
  5. Now from the broth/water that is used to cook the chicken, you will notice that is a layer of white fats floating on the surface. Scoop and remove the white layer of fats floating on the surface in one bowl. In another bowl, scoop and remove the transparent layer of oils floating on the surface. Reserve the remaining chicken broth to cook the rice later.
  6. Add 2 tsp of oil and chicken fats from the above step into a deep frying pan and heat it up.
  7. Add in the minced ginger, shallots and garlics and saute till fragrant.
  8. Add in the white rice grains and saute till all are well mixed. Off the flame.
  9. Transfer the rice together with the minced ginger, shallots and garlics into the rice cooker. Add the salt and chicken seasoning powder.
  10. Add the chicken broth that is used to cook the chicken till the 2-cup water level mark.
  11. Tie the pandan leaves into a knot and place it into the rice cooker.
  12. Set the rice cooker to cook the rice on normal rice mode.
  13. In a mortar, add the juice of ½ a lime, minced ginger and garlics, and all the chillies and pound till fine or paste liked.
  14. Add the remaining juice from another ½ of the lime, 4 tbsp of the transparent layer of chicken oil that was reserved from Step 5, dash of salt and sugar and mix well.
  15. Wet your hands with some of the chicken broth and shape the chicken rice into balls. Serve with the chicken pieces and garlic chilli sauce.

Hainanese Chicken often has the problem of it being undercooked, especially at the joints where the thighs are. To resolve this issue, poke the area around the thighs with a sharp skewer before cooking the chicken in the hot water. This is to allow the hot water to be able to flow into that part of the chicken and be cooked.


2Des, 2023
Lemon Garlic Chicken 柠檬蒜蓉鸡 – Eat What Tonight


It’s finally the last working day of the week ! Although it has been a short working week for me, but it was still a tiring one, considering that I had spent most of the off days in the hospital again. So I guess I really need to de-stress myself, and cooking and retail therapy is hard at work now !! LOL. 


It’s the double 11 day today where online sales are going like frenzy. I always thought that double 11 is a symbolic day for couples, since it sounded like 一心一意 or 全心全意 that kind of verses. And what’s more many couples like to tie the knot on such days as well. But someone actually wished me a “Happy Singles Day” today which dawned on me that, it’s actually a day for singles as well ! LOL !! No wonder all the online platforms are going on huge sales discounts. For couples, they find all the reason to shop for each other on this special day, for singles it’s a day to splurge on yourselves to “commemorate” the day ! Hahaha !! All the marketing gimmicks and all sorts of excuses for retail therapy all right !! 


Regardless of which, it’s still a great day to shop shop shop and shop !! I have my fair share of online shopping already. Have you had yours too ? Hehe !! Friends always say I am “evil” because I always encourage them to buy buy and buy things. Better to get it than have regrets later and then keep harping on it right ? 😀


Ok, let’s hop back to the Lemon Garlic Chicken. It’s a very refreshing dish as the tangy taste of the lemon paired with savoury garlics and tad of sweetness together with ginger juice makes an ideal combination. And pan frying it with olive oil adds the extra fragrance all together. Fresh boneless chicken thighs from PurelyFresh online is best used for this dish ! 


Hope everyone has a great weekend ahead ! Enjoy !!

Lemon Garlic Chicken 柠檬蒜蓉鸡


Recipe type: Main

Cuisine: Chinese

  • 4 pcs of boneless chicken thigh
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 tbsp light soya sauce
  • 2 tbsp ginger juice (grate some ginger and squeeze out the juice by hand)
  • 1 tbsp hon mirin
  • 1 tbsp sugar
  • 1 tbsp lemon juice
  • 2 tbsp minced garlic
  • 1 tsp onion powder
  • ½ tsp garlic powder
  • ½ tsp pepper
  • 1 tsp paprika powder
  • Some shredded parsley
  • Some chilli flakes
  • Some lemon slices



21Nov, 2023
Pan Grilled Barramundi Fish With Lemon Garlic Butter Sauce

Hoola ! Finally I get down to penning another recipe again ! This time I actually pan fried barramundi fish belly from Kuhlbarra and coat it with a lemon garlic butter sauce. Though the name is seemingly long, but it’s actually quite simple to beef up. And since the barramundi fish belly is already succulent by itself, the sauce actually complements the fish by giving the entire dish a very refreshing and tantalizing after taste.

And since this is kinda a western dish, so I thought I would cooked up some spaghetti pasta to go along with it too. And indeed, everything pairs up nicely as an appetizing meal. The barramundi fish belly is high in collagen and omega 3, hence it has a very smooth texture due to the high fats contents.

Pan frying of this fish with some olive oil is excellent as it retains the natural taste and freshness of the fish well. I love the fact that this is so straightforward in preparation and cooking that it was served up easily in 20 minutes.

So here’s the recipe which I’ve shared earlier in my Instagram feed here too.

Enjoy !

Pan Grilled Barramundi Fish With Lemon Garlic Butter Sauce


  • 100g barramundi belly⁣
  • ¾ tbsp minced garlic⁣
  • 2 tbsp olive oil⁣
  • Some sea salt⁣
  • 2 tbsp butter⁣
  • 1 tbsp fresh lemon juice⁣
  • 2 tbsp water⁣
  • ½ tsp sugar⁣
    Optional :⁣
  • Some shredded parsley⁣
  • Some chilli flakes⁣
    To serve with:⁣
  • Some blanched asparagus⁣


14Nov, 2023
Honey Garlic Chicken – Eat What Tonight

Honey Garlic Chicken – Eat What Tonight

Prepped this Honey Garlic Chicken last weekend and usually when I cooked such dishes, I will make it a point to cook extra servings of it to be frozen which can be easily reheated during weekdays for a quick meal. The gist of this dish lies in a good oyster sauce used which I’ve always relied on the Lee Kum Kee premium oyster sauce which has served me well thus far. And I guess you can see this often in my step by step cooking too so far.

This Honey Garlic Chicken is a pretty fuss-free dish, requiring minimal effort and yet yield a very tasty and delicious chicken meal at the end of the day. Shall cut the story short today and let the cooking steps take you through this dish that will make you salivate with hunger. 🙂

10Nov, 2023
Fish Fillets in Spicy Garlic Sauce

Fish Fillets in Spicy Garlic Sauce – Eat What Tonight

The official 2 days of the CNY is over in a blink of the eyes and with much of the hotpot ingredients leftover, I decide to use one of the item – the fish slices to come up with this Fish Fillets in Spicy Garlic Sauce. It has a very nice aroma with the use of garlics, chilies, curry leaves and evaporated milk incorporated in the sauce. What’s more the leftover fish slices are well marinated and deep fried prior to use which makes them very succulent.

Ingredietnts used

You can use any type of white fish slices for this whilst I work on white snapper fish slices that I had for the hotpot previously. You may be keen to ask if air-frying is possible instead of deep fry but generally deep frying will get the corn flour coated fish slices a more golden brown texture and colour than air-frying in this case. Hope this recipe can help to clear up some of your freezer or chiller space to use up all the leftover CNY ingredients so as not to waste any food.