Refreshing Jelly Creations with Singapore Breakfast Tea from T2 Tea

Glad to share that the renowned tea creators T2 Tea is serving up our very own Singapore style of Breakfast tea that reminisce the old school kaya toast that most of us can easily reconcile with. The tea is made up of a good mix of puerh, green tea, coconut and pandan flavors which boosts of a very distinctive pandan aroma even before the tea packaging is unwrapped !

T2 Tea originates from Melbourne, Australia. With much devotion and commitment in creating the best tea experience, they have since evolved much and have successfully brought their teas across the globe to several countries world wide including Singapore ! And that’s where the very Singapore style of Breakfast tea is specially curated to better fit the taste buds of the locals.

Now I really loved the fact that the tea itself smells heavenly even before it was brewed. The tea was infused with a rich and aromatic coconut and pandan flavor and yet very enjoyable on a pleasant and soothing palate. Essentially liked what it was advertised, it just literally felt liked sipping our kaya toast in a cup !

Given our warm humid weather in the sunny island recently and armed with the task of creating something interesting with T2 Tea, the idea of incorporating the tea in some refreshing jelly creations pretty much appeal. And so, here we go !!

The core of the jelly creations are made out of simply agar agar jelly powder, coconut milk, pandan leaves, sugar and T2 Tea. And to further make them more appealing and innovative, they are made into jelly cups, jelly “candies” and a jelly “cake” with alternate colors side by side which I will be presenting it here on how you can get that done, with a little more effort.

With these you probably would have realize too that whilst the usage of T2 Tea and its likes are not just confined to bakes or cakes, they can equally be served in lovely looking jelly products that doubles up as reinvigorating desserts during summer. So have fun jelly-ing !