Stir fry Instant Noodles with Cabbage and Luncheon

My typical kind of meal when I feel lazy and just needed something brainless. LOL. And whilst I thought the turnaround time for this will be quick, which is still the case but it wasn’t as fast as I had expected it to be because the “perfectionist” me decide to cook each and individual item of the noodles separately so that I can plate it better, I ended up taking a good 30 minutes for a 3-minute instant noodles. Hahaha ! Not to mention I had more plates to wash as well because the individual ingredients have to be placed separately too.

But I do love the combination of the dark soya sauce and sesame oil being tossed in the noodles which together with the sweetness from the vegetables and sodium-packed luncheon, it’s something that you won’t mind having again and again, just liked an instant noodles but a whole lot healthier since the noodles’ seasoning pack is not used.