Ginseng & Chia Seeds Overnight Oatmeal Pudding

Recently I was given a bottle of this Korean Red Ginseng extract from Cheong Kwan Jang which is the number one brand in Korea for the likes. This pure extract is high in antioxidants and a little serving of it daily serves to boost the immune system, relieve fatigue and revitalise the body. ⁣⁣ Other than enjoying it as a drink itself, I thought it will be interesting to incorporate it into a healthy overnight oatmeal pudding.

For those who might find the red ginseng extract itself too overwhelming on its own, incorporating a little of it into the oatmeal pudding not only can retain the health benefits of it all, it can also be enjoyed by those who might not be so acceptable to the bitterness of the red ginseng in the first instance.

And having said that, chia seeds were also added to the oatmeal pudding and further topped with fruits and nuts before serving. To prevent the chia seeds from clumping together, it is advisable to give it a quick stir every now and then when they are left in the fridge and this will keep the chia seeds nicely segregated and serving them in pudding cups make them look more tempting too.

This wholesome dessert is awesomely healthy on its own and can be eaten right away from the fridge for breakfast the following day.