19Nov, 2023
Olive Oil Sardines Egg Fried Rice 橄榄油沙丁鱼蛋炒饭

Recently my favorite sardines brand AYAM brand came out with a series of some new sardines flavors which I attempted to cook a fried rice with instead of just eating the sardines on its own and I thought it taste really good ! So here I am penning down the recipe for records. The particular sardine flavor which I used was the Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Chili which I even utilize the olive oil in the pack to stir fry the rice and it made the rice very fragrant indeed.

I have never seen anyone who disliked a fried rice thus far even though it’s something that’s relatively easy to whip up. Because it can also help to use up any leftover rice, fried rice is generally a very versatile dish on the menu which can be enjoyed by everyone, kids or adults alike. And the only way to improvise or enjoy a fried rice dish further, is to come up with different varieties or flavors of it. Hence my particular Olive Oil Sardines Egg Fried Rice is one new variation which I thought is pretty delicious.

Short grain rice or Japanese rice can enhance the taste and texture of the fried rice and I’ve also added red bell peppers, corns and scallions to the rice to increase the vegetable intake so that it makes an awesome one plate dish. It also gave the rice some extra colors so that it looks even more appetizing. And I have cooked extra of this rice too to go in a special lunch box which I will shared in a later post.

So for now, let’s enjoy this Olive Oil Sardines Egg Fried Rice first with the recipe as below !

10Nov, 2023
Sesame Oil Chicken & Mushroom Rice

Sesame Oil Chicken & Mushroom Rice – Eat What Tonight

Now that most of us have started to return back to office for work, such one-pot meals cooked conveniently vis the rice cooker definitely made cooking over the weekdays more convenient and fuss free. Usually I prefer to pre-cook the aromatics separately first to bring out the flavours before stirring in the rice to let the rice cooker finish up the job. You can prepare everything quickly in 15 minutes once you reach home from work. And when the rice is cooking in the rice cooker, you can perhaps take a shower or do some cleaning up and once you are done, the rice would be readily done up piping hot in the rice cooker for you to enjoy.

The Sesame Oil Chicken & Mushroom Rice is very very fragrant and the aroma of it is clearly visible even when the cooking was done vis the rice cooker. Every bit of the rice is packed with the fragrance of the sesame oil and the chicken with the mushrooms all complement it well to pack it as a one bowl meal. Even the cleaning up is a breeze as there’s only the rice cooker to be washed thereafter.

Sharing this awesome recipe here and hope you enjoy it as much as I do too. More one-bowl, one-plate and one-pot meals to come !