30Nov, 2023
Pandan Pancakes with Corningware Retroflam 班兰松饼 – Eat What Tonight

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The official Valentine’s day is just recently over, however that doesn’t stop love from spreading in the air still !! It’s the month of February where all the exciting stuffs are happening, in particularly for me and I certainly hope it does for everyone out there too !! So am I very honored and pleased to be working with Corningware once more on this upcoming feature which I find it really meaningful and inspiring.

And that’s the COOK WITH LOVE COOKING COMPETITION which they are going to hold on the 25th March 2017 !! In conjunction with International Women’s Day, this competition aspires everyone to cook up a storm with your lovey dovey partner ! And the prizes are so attractive that I am sure you will find it real tempting to give it a shot. The best of it all, even if you do not get to win anything at all, the attractiveness of the participation gift itself is already beyond any consolation ~ All participants will get to receive a goodie bag that’s worth more than S$150 from World Kitchen and its participating food partners.

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I guess the gist of such competitions does not necessary warrant a success only if prizes are won. It’s after all the compatibility efforts and bonding teamwork between the partner and you to jointly create a dish that’s blissfully yours and presenting it wholesomely to the audience. And I strongly believe for the other half whom does not cook usually, you would definitely appreciate your partners more whenever a home cooked dish is presented before your eyes the next time. Learning how to appreciate a home cooked dish that’s made out of love, effort and sweat is something that’s very commendable. At times, I am also secretly hoping that my partner will give me appreciation for that too, if that’s any !! LOL.

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And here’s how you can participate in this aspiring motion – Simply purchase any item from World Kitchen brands, be it Corelle, Corningware, Pyrex, Snapware or Visions from participating stores and submit the registration with receipt to participate. Registration forms can be downloaded from the website here and they are to be submitted by 19 March 2017. So, be fast !!  

To commensurate the event further, you get to purchase a Corningware Retroflam at 20% off and bring home a Coringware Retroflam FryPan (non-induction that’s originally worth S$109) at only S$38 ! Yes, you heard it right, that’s like almost 1/3 of the original price only.


This promotion is available islandwide at the following stores and is available from now all the way till 16 April 2017.

BHG Bugis, BHG Tampines & BHG Jurong I Metro Paragon, Metro Centrepoint & Metro Woodlands I OG Albert, OG Orchard Point, OG People’s Park I Robinsons The Heeren, Robinsons Raffles City, Robinsons JEM I TANGS at Tangs Plaza.

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And re-capping some of the past recipes that I’ve done using the Corningware Retroflam to perhaps stir up your cooking mojo.

3-Ingredients Yam Paste – http://eatwhattonight.com/corningware_retroflam/

Eight Treasures Lion Head – http://eatwhattonight.com/eight-treasures-lion-head/

Pandan Pancakes1_3

And the most recent one now – Pandan Pancakes !! I must say, the pan is literally as sparkling clean as it was before, even after using it. Because I had not used a single drop of oil coating on the pan and the pancakes simply slipped off without any hassles. Drench your fragrant Pandan Pancakes with a dollop of Kaya or Coconut Jam and they are all good to go. They are perfect for breakfast and tea break on any days!

Happy Cooking there, everyone ~~

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Pandan Pancakes 班兰松饼


Recipe type: Appetiser

Cuisine: Chinese

  • 120g cake flour or superfine flour
  • 250ml thick coconut milk
  • 2 tbsp coconut oil
  • 10 blades of pandan leaves
  • 4 tbsp sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • ¼ baking soda
  • ½ tsp salt
  • ½ tsp pandan essence (optional)



24Nov, 2023
SPAM & Egg Pancakes Muffins 鸡蛋午餐肉松饼玛芬

Hola ! I am back from HK ! LOL. Well, time whizz past whenever we are on holidays, isn’t it?Although it’s more than an adequate length of stay for a 5 days 4 nights trip to HK, but it seems never ever enough for a holiday though. My physical state is back but my mind and soul are left in HK though. Haha !! 

But it was a pretty tiring trip as well due to the lengthy walking and the fact that the persistent cough seems determined to stay. 🙁 Despite that, I couldn’t resist all the junk food.. erm, street foods I mean, in HK. Grilled, fried, deep fried foods all along the way, somehow dragged the recovery too. Nevertheless, the impromptu trip was still a good one, especially with the real comfortable weather and endless shopping. 

The kitchen has not restarted yet as am still in the midst of settling stuffs and feeling all doggy from the medication. But here’s a SPAM and Egg Pancakes muffins that I’ve made sometime back. To be frank, I am seldom in the mood for savoury treats as compared to sweet ones. Just like I enjoyed a sweet pop corn as compared to a salted one or a sweet ice cream as compared to a salted one. The same goes for little cakes like such.

However, this is one exception which I am pretty keen on as it contains the all-time favourite SPAM, eggs and pancakes all encased in a muffin delicacy. Well deserved as an ideal breakfast treat, this SPAM and egg pancake muffins has a texture that of a pancake, shaped like a muffin and taste of a spam and egg stir fried. So you gonna reckon this makes a perfect Nom Nom Nom.. all the way. 🙂

Here’s to sharing the simplest of simplest breakfast recipe ! Enjoy !!

SPAM & Egg Pancakes Muffins 鸡蛋午餐肉松饼玛芬


  • 180ml milk
  • 60g flour
  • 2 eggs
  • 100g SPAM luncheon meat, diced
  • Dash of salt, to taste
  • Dash of freshly ground black pepper, to taste
  • Some mayonnaise
  • Some mint leaves, for garnishing



16Nov, 2023
Easy Fluffy Pancakes – Eat What Tonight

These easy nice and fluffy pancakes are the bomb ! They paired up awesomely with some golden syrup and are so easy to whip up. Had this strong cravings for pancakes recently and even purposefully bought a bottle of golden syrup to go along, but the supermarket chaos recently has gotten most of the instant pancake premix off the shelves literally. So I had no choice but to proceed to make some from scratch.

But because of that too, I realized making pancakes from scratch wasn’t that difficult either. If using premix is on a scale of 1 being the easiest, I would say making them this way now is probably just a 1.5. So breakfast was made easy and enjoyable with these lovable golden brown pancakes topped with slabs of butter and dosed in sweet syrup.

Hope these awesome looking pancakes will brighten up your day too despite of all the stay-ins that everyone of us has to adhere to now. Believe all will be good in no time and our lives will be back to normality soon. In the meantime, stay safe and take care !

12Nov, 2023
Stuffed Red Bean Pumpkin Pancakes 南瓜红豆馅饼

Tried my hands on these Stuffed Red Bean Pumpkin Pancakes from scratch, including the red bean paste and I must say they are really good ! Especially the homemade red bean paste is a far cry from the store bought paste as you can alter the sweetness of it to your liking plus it’s packed with such an aromatic red-beany taste that you probably can’t get from the instant ones.

Though it might seem tedious to prepare them but once you get yourself down to doing it, they are not as tough as you would imagine. In fact, it was quite a breeze if you can prepare them sequentially by steps.

The end result boosts of a thin and chewy pumpkin skin that houses a tastefully sweet red bean filling and it makes a great tea time companion with a pot of warmly brewed tea. The extra red bean paste can be freeze up to be used as filling for your breads, buns or even mooncakes !