Chinese Style Steamed Pomfret Fish 中式清蒸白鲳鱼

The traditional Chinese way of steaming white pomfret fish include using salted vegetables, salted plum, tomatoes, ginger slices and some chili padi for that extra spice I desired and top with a little light soya sauce, shaoxing wine and sesame oil. And this is best served with plain porridge or rice !

White pomfret fish meat has a very tender texture, hence best served through the steaming method to retain most of its freshness. It is one of the most popular whole fish that’s enjoyed by the Chinese at home. Hence this traditional old school way of steaming was actually brought down to me from the old folks.

The absolute idea of enjoying this dish is to get a fresh pomfret fish and the rest are really all complimentary to the fish ! Do you happen to steam your fish this way too ? It’s simple, delicious and makes a good one dish meal easily.

And here’s the quick and fuss free recipe to share !