13Nov, 2023
Braised Chicken with Potatoes – Eat What Tonight

A long-awaited blog post to get everything sort out to be posted here ! So much things to do yet so little time and I really wish there’s more “out-of-office” time to do up more things. But before that, let’s enjoy this really awesome Braised Chicken with Potatoes that was served up with plain porridge !

Chinese style braised chicken are generally easy to whip up which you can rarely go wrong with the standard seasoning of oyster sauce, light and dark soya sauce, a pinch of sugar and touch of pepper to balance up the flavors. And to make a complete one pot meal, carrots, mushrooms, potatoes, radish, chestnuts, eggs, etc are just a few to name that we can add to the course to make the dish more wholesome. While the rest of the ingredients are pretty simple to add-on during the braising process, potatoes can get a little tricky as they tend to get mashed up easily especially when the braising of the chicken takes a longer time while the potatoes doesn’t get to be infused well in the flavors if they are added last.

So here’s to sharing the recipe on how to get the flavors well into the potatoes during the entire braising and yet staying soft and tender instead of getting all mashed up thereafter.

7Nov, 2023
Salmon and Potatoes Patties 三文鱼马铃薯饼

These patties taste really awesome ! The salmon flakes, potatoes chunks along with diced carrots, onions and sweet corns combination turn out to be surprisingly good. I actually managed to finish a few of these Salmon and Potatoes Patties in one go.

Only a few simple ingredients are required and the whole process is pretty much a breeze ! Just mix everything together, mold them into patties and fried them completely.

The most cautious part of the cooking will probably be the frying part as there’s a tendency for the patties to break apart when frying. To overcome this, make sure the oil is hot enough before adding the patties into it and frying them in small batches to ensure the hot temperature does not dip. And once the patties are placed into the hot oil, do not attempt to flip them till they are browned at the edges. With some caution in so doing, these Salmon and Potato Patties will turn out great.