12Nov, 2023
Stuffed Red Bean Pumpkin Pancakes 南瓜红豆馅饼

Tried my hands on these Stuffed Red Bean Pumpkin Pancakes from scratch, including the red bean paste and I must say they are really good ! Especially the homemade red bean paste is a far cry from the store bought paste as you can alter the sweetness of it to your liking plus it’s packed with such an aromatic red-beany taste that you probably can’t get from the instant ones.

Though it might seem tedious to prepare them but once you get yourself down to doing it, they are not as tough as you would imagine. In fact, it was quite a breeze if you can prepare them sequentially by steps.

The end result boosts of a thin and chewy pumpkin skin that houses a tastefully sweet red bean filling and it makes a great tea time companion with a pot of warmly brewed tea. The extra red bean paste can be freeze up to be used as filling for your breads, buns or even mooncakes !

8Nov, 2023
Golden Cereal Balls with Red Bean Filling

Golden Cereal Balls with Red Bean Filling – Eat What Tonight

I was challenged to create a new recipe using Nestum cereal that is totally different from our usual cereal prawns or cereal chicken and it has to be easy to prepare and taste delicious. So I got this inspiration and came up with this Golden Cereal Balls with Red Bean Filling that actually resembles our Peanut Mochi balls and instead of coating them with crushed peanuts, cereals are used and Japanese red bean paste as the filling.

It is pretty simple to prepare since I am using an instant red bean paste as the filling and the texture is a chewy and soft mochi-alike cereal balls that come off with a little crunch after the cereals are being fried. You can also save up the extra and reheat them slightly in the oven the following day to consume which I actually thought it taste better.